Happy May Day!


I woke up on time! Still didn’t want to get up though…

Leisurely breakfast. Too leisurely, I was almost late to class. But having a lunch was totally worth it : ) My prof has the stomach flu. I should have sat further back. Yikes. I got back Part 1 of my huge paper. 53 out of 65. Not happy. I actually tried on that. But I can do it over before turning it in at the end of the quarter and still get an A. Sweetness.

Banana, pita and cheese, and grape lunch while reading the paper and studying for PLS 102L quiz. Learned about cloning in PLS 171. We will be doing grafting and bidding in lab on Thursday!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for that! : )

This was our Quiz Key plant. I walked in the door and was like, 'Yes! I love Forget-Me-Nots!" right when the TA pointed and said "key this when you finish the IDs" #winning (just had to jump on the hashtag wagon)

Apple snack during PLS 102 and learned about nightshade family and the mint family. I thought long and hard about cheating on the quiz in lab. Really long. I couldn’t do it though. I need to study more for the ID parts. Too bad it isn’t all keying. I am SO pro at it! (Myosotis latifolia!) I finished the fasted and got 100%. Bam. The rest of lab was chill til I left around 4PM.

Dinner was tasty! Santa Fe Chicken Salad and a pumpkin cake-ish thing (got the recipe!). I stayed later studying for PLB 119 midterm tomorrow.

I was feeling stressed about a few questions I couldn’t figure out on the study guide. I decided cookies would fix my problems. Time for Snickerdoodles! I had a helper this time, ‘the cute guy’ helped roll the dough in sugar. I baked them and washed dishes during the commercials of Glee and New Girl. Everyone loved them : ) And I felt much better.

Study sesh with 302 trying to  figure out my last few questions. Little luck. Stopped by 313 and got scared half to death by my LA bro. Thanks a lot. But he did look shnazzy all dressed up for going out : )

Now bed so I can take another crack at the dumb matrix. bleh. Night!


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