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Happy Halloween!

I spent my whole morning painting my nails Wonder Woman-ish. They look so awesome! I don’t have a picture. They are alternating red and blue. Thumbs: diagonal stripe of gold stars. Index and Pinkie: line of gold dots along inside edge. Middle: the Wonder Woman symbol! Ring: gold star in bottom corner with gold dots on the sides. Pretty awesome.

I dressed up as a cowgirl for class which was boring. Lab was great though. My lab partner and I spent the whole time joking around with the boys across from us and making fun of their plants (in a nice-ish way). We all talked about Halloween plans. My lab partner is dressing as Rosie the Riveter and going bar hopping. One of the boys has a hydrology lab til super late. The other guy is going to a friend’s party. I was really fun, we all might make a pecan pie together before break…

I stopped by Safeway to get rent money but they denied my card. Arg! So I just bought Jiffy cornbread mix and had it as muffins with chili for dinner. Yum. Some of roomie’s friends from San Diego came over to stay for a week since they got kicked out of their house. They are both deaf, super nice, and great fun to hang with. They also have a little cute dog that we smuggled into our housing. (Fingers crossed no one finds out.) Then it started to rain!

My work friend called me to say a bunch of them are going out so I donned my long red coat over my costume and rode over. We went bar hopping. Our friends won a costume contest as French Kiss, think KISS with berets and Parisian style. We danced on stage. We drank Zombies. We watched a friend smoke for the first time at a house party. We all have class early in the morning. We had a thrilling Halloween.

I didn’t get home til 2:30-ishAM. Class is at 8AM. Wish me luck!


Lab Test


Good morning! I actually woke up to my alarm. But only had cold cereal for breakfast so I would have time to study for my lab quiz in PLP 120. Dressed in the cold and dark. Grabbed a muffin as I ran out the door. We had a speaker in lecture. She was cool I guess. I had such a hard time staying awake! And ate the muffin to keep my eyes open instead of saving it for a snack. The lab test was only 8 questions… :/ and we still had a lab after. It was pretty short though. Here is one of my experiments:

Needless to say, we got out early. Good thing. I had a mountain of physics homework waiting for me. Toasted sourdough, truffle cheese, turkey, and lettuce sandwich, pear, and candy for lunch. I eat too much candy and sugar. Way too much. Anywho, I finished my homework just in time to ride to class after dropping off the electricity bill. (I felt rich for like five seconds before I opened that bill…over $40! Now I am back to poor.)

Boring class. Hard to keep my eyes open. It is something about the light in that lecture hall… More homework due next class. I had a lovely time laying out in the sun reading between classes. ENH 102 was long. My friends didn’t come today. I spent most of class entering the Sigma Alpha girls into my phone and giving myself a tattoo.

When I got home, I decided to not make real dinner. Bad plan. I ended up eating a toasted sandwich, greek yogurt, a banana with Biscoff, toast with cream cheese and pomegranate jelly, iced tea, and some turkey wrapped around a bit of cheese. Then some candy. Bleh. I lugged all my school work stuff downstairs to study and do lab homework. That didn’t happen.

Ariel came over to have dinner with the roomie and her bf. Taco Tuesday. And we watched New Girl. We were supposed to go out to the $5 movies after but there were only really horrible scary films playing this late, so Ariel went alone with our friend Ruben. Next week we girls will go out to see Pitch Perfect (finally). Too bad the friend who was supposed to see it with me already went… Sucks for her.

I guess I should head to bed…maybe read a bit. I think I will make sausage gravy for breakfast. Maybe. For Halloween! And I need to decide if I will dress up for class tomorrow…hmm…



Cinnamon sugar muffins for breakfast.

Went to the wrong workplace, extra riding.

My people left.

Class was boring. The cold pizza lunch was good.

The lights were on when I came home.

Electricity bill came today. Time to call another house meeting.

Pink Champagne whoopie cookie.

Fabric shopping with some sisters.

Studying for PLP 120. I may not live through tomorrow.

I ate 2 dinners worth of food, glass of wine, and the rest of a lemon coconut cake.

Once Upon A Time. Really? Dr Frankenstein?

I should study more but I really just want to shower and go to bed…

We will see.

Free Pizza!


I overslept again this morning. x.x Not cool… Ran out the door as class started with a protein bar to eat in class. Other than my dramatic late entrance, lecture was chill. Apple diseases. In lab we found out that there is a huge lab test on Tuesday. The prof was surprised by it. We tried to have him to move it, but no luck. We did work on fruiting bodies of the fungi. Teeny mushrooms to all you laypeople. Everyone keeps thinking I am a grad student because I do my work so neatly and quick…strange. Thanks, I guess.

Home to check my e-mails, wash dishes, and make lunch. Nothing too thrilling. I had extra time so I stopped by Forever 21 on my way back to campus. So many awesome things! Cute black sneakers with little cherries or hearts on them. Sweaters with huge roses on them. Sequiny shirts, shorts, and skirts. I did find what I was looking for! I bought a blue skirt, only $3.99. awesome. I am going to sew or pin white stars on it for my costume.

Physics was. Midterms were returned. I did not do as well as I thought. Then I found out he messed up the grading and most of us didn’t get credit for a question we got right and like 10 people got credit for questions they missed. And he decided to fix that by making it out of 24 instead of 25. Not fair. Whatev, I will make it up on the next test. At least we got out early.

Nice chilling between classes. I laid out in the sun on my coat reading about pies and talking to my mom on the phone. Now I want to make a million pies and I am so excited for them to come up!

ENH 102 was about water today. Info I already know. It was good to have my friends actually come to class today. Next midterm: 3 weeks.

It was a rough ride home. My iPod died and it was soo windy! I am so not a fan of wind. Bleck. I checked my phone when I got back and I got a text from our housing about a Halloween party tonight in the Study Lounge. I had forgotten… Yay for free pizza and candy! There was some drama. Dumb people. Good pizza. Then I went back to work on my costume. I finished my tiara and wrist bands. I e-mailed my bff and expert to consult about shoe choices. I am so excited! I hope the party is good :)

Watched the Giants win again, Halloween Wars on Food TV, the new Beauty and the Beast tv show, and some tattoo reality show while going through my notes for different classes. So excited to clean tomorrow and see people, and carve a pumpkin! ttyl

Soils Midterm


Wow, I am just getting super creative with these titles aren’t I? I will try to make the next few more interesting…

I woke up at 6AM today so I could study enough to allow a break to attend the Whole Foods Opening! As my luck would have it, the rain started as I walked out the door. Nice, thanks. But nothing could deter me! I met the mayor and he said nice things about Davis and Whole Foods and them coming here. They made loaves to spell out D-A-V-I-S and I snagged a bite. Yum, second breakfast! I walked around for awhile, re-checking things out. I had planned on buying something for lunch there, but it was such a madhouse! Crazy full of people. I did kind of expect that though… Anywho, I decided to get Pinkberry for lunch instead.So many cute boys working today. So delicious! Coconut and Chocolate Hazelnut froyo with raspberries, pineapple, and kiwis. That needs to happen again when twin and mom are up. I studied a bit more while I munched.

Off to school! For more studying! The midterm could have been worse. It could also have been better. Oh well. My lab partner and I decided we will study together and a lot more for the next midterm. And speaking of lab…oi. The TA said don’t worry, this will be a short lab. Well, for us it wasn’t. Everything seemed to go wrong and I think we redid everything at least twice :/ But we still got out 30 minutes early! (And were the last group to leave…)

Home. Finally. I decided to relax a little since that was the last midterm of the week.  I watched and sang Evita, polished off the last of the mac’n’cheese and applesauce (note to self: not a big fan of corn with mac’n’cheese), watched the Giants win the first game of the Series, watched Supernatural cause I heard Milo Green () as I flipped through the channels, and watched Nashville. And so you don’t think I am a complete goof off, I did study my notes and drink many cups of tea through all of that.

But now it is late, school is early tomorrow, and Halloweekend starts tomorrow night! Woot!

Physics Midterm


Early morning…Chocolate cereal from mom for breakfast. It is only 49°F. Time to break out those leggings!

PLP 120 was fun, we are covering more general fungi while one of the profs is in China. My lab partner is back! He was in LA actually for some pre-med thing. Normal inoculations and isolations and out early! I used my extra hours to study physics. The prof gave us a long practice test to help us study, so I did all those problems hiding from the cold in the library. Cherry almond Brübar for lunch. I finished right on time, 15 minutes before the midterm. I feel really good about it. I am hoping for an A :)

Crosswords and sudoku until ENH 102. I did not do as well as I hoped on that midterm. Oh well, there are three more to bring my grade up. We are on to bigger picture things in that class. Good thing. I am not a fan of everything on the cellular level.

Home and I finally get to check my e-mail. I got invited to a pumpkin carving with the girls on Friday… Seriously? Why does everything happen at once? Last weekend was so laid back. Party Friday, planting Saturday morning, party Saturday night, Hullabaloo on Sunday. Short, sweet, and no rushing or deciding which to do. But this weekend…House cleaning, family visiting, Halloweekend, party invites every night, pumpkin carving, plantings, work, fun things to be doing all the time! The weekend is sure to be exciting to say the least :)

Anywho. Just leftover mac’n’cheese with peas tonight. And all I did tonight was study for the SSC 100 midterm tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Just a short break for New Girl. Back to studying. Shower. Excitement for tomorrow, if I have time. Whole Foods opens tomorrow morning! I am going to the bread-breaking for a study break. There is also a cooking class on campus but it is right exactly before my midterm, when I should be studying. So we’ll see how I feel around that time. Now time for sleep so I can get up super early to get back to studying. Joy. Rapture.