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Summer Break


I am taking a summer break from blogging (for now at least). Maybe I will post weekly, but don’t hold your breath…

Most likely I will start up again as I pack for the move back north and until then I will be food blogging at k+v : ) yum. And maybe some craftiness will happen here too.

Have a great summer!!


SB 4-ever


Today started out boring as any other day. Half a sticky bun, an orange, and half a banana for breakfast before heading out on a walk with mom.

I texted a SB cousin about visiting and congrats on graduating. We decided it would be awesome to spend the day together window shopping on State Street. The walk was cut short and the excitement began! Quick stop by home to grab the little bro and we’re off! Quick stop at my work to pick up my apron and tie, the beach house to pay bills, and Goleta to pick up the cousin. Then State Street. We explored Anthropologie and a crazy store called Random til we were joined by our favorite aunt and it was time for lunch. Norton’s Pastrami and Deli was delicious! They have bowls of pickles on the tables, yum. Everyone got pastrami’s and I got a tasty turkey club.

Ran into a cousin of the cousin who was job hunting (good luck!), bought glycerine and double-sided biscuit cutters at Sur la Table, tasted olive oils and balsamic vinegars, and got truffles at See’s. Then back to the cousin’s for crafting and resting for the moms. Cousin and I drank a beer while deciding what to craft. Perfect idea! Let’s make tumblers out of our beer bottles! The moms get into the researching and we younger folks decide to walk to Michael’s to find a glass cutter and Vons to get stuff to make cookies.  Couldn’t find what we wanted at Michael’s and almost got magnets and glitter to make fridge magnets out of bottle caps but that was too expensive. Next stop Radio Shack, their phone selection sucks. Then O.S.H. and victory! Glass cutter for less than $5. Got oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix and looked for cool beer bottles at Vons. By the time we walked home it was too late to start cutting bottles but early enough to make cookies. We put them in the oven and while we waited the boys watched Fast and Loud and I drew pictures with crayons.

Nibbled cookies and ordered pizza for dinner while watching Top Gear. The pizza was tasty and the company good. We headed home when the cousin left to go drinking with his college friends. Good day all in all : )



I made scrambled eggs and toast with avocado and a cup of tea for breakfast. It felt like a lot and I could hardly finish it. I feel weird not riding my bike a few miles every day anymore. When my bikes are back it will be good again.

Speaking of bikes…that is what I did this morning. We (parents, bikes, and me) all piled into the truck and drove over to the cousin-in-law’s bike shop, Life Cycles. I can’t wait for them to be fixed! I will ride them everywhere!

I did a little on my room and wrote a post for the other blog while biding the time until my 1PM interview with DJ’s. I looked up directions, made myself pretty, and headed out. I couldn’t find the place! Frantic calls to the sister yielded a more specific address. To a completely different place. They moved years ago and the address I got was old. By this time it is past 1PM and I am freaking out a little. The new people there looked up the new address and I dashed home to get directions. While I was looking them up I called, explained the hold up, and ran out the door. I did make it there only a little more than half an hour late : / we talked and I got the job! I will start on Saturday. I will miss the bike ride : ( but I will have a job. (And I just found out I will be camping for a week and a half starting next Thursday.)

Then it was home and back to room cleaning. Mom and I went through the linen closet, got rid of lots of old things, and I got a tablecloth, biscuit cloth, and the twin sheet sets I’ll be taking north with me. I went to pick up the little bro and bring back the golden truck, but they weren’t quite done with it. While we were out I saw this gate to nowhere…weird.

Dropped him off at Youth Group and went home. I was going to make Chocolate Zucchini Bread with twin 2 but she couldn’t be bothered to come. Not even to play Jenga and eat sorbet. Lame sauce. So we had homemade meatballs and spaghetti with roasted zucchini.

I watched Sherlock after. A.Mazing show. Seriously cannot get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch. I am kind of dying to watch another episode but I have to get up tomorrow and possibly be awake if we go to Santa Barbara : ) Night all, may you rooms never be as messy as mine…

Job hunt


And the job hunt continued this morning. I had half a sticky bun while calling reference people and job leads, no luck. I wasted half the day doing an application for Santa Rosa Island (twice) before discovering that it cost $25 to apply. What?! Everyone thinks it is a scam. Doesn’t really matter though because I don’t have that kind of money. I took a break for lunch (avocado on fresh warm bread) before heading back to the grind.

I did another section of my room. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell, but work has been done. While I was working, I got a call from the unsuccessful job lead of the morning. He changed his mind after talking to an uncle of mine. Coincidence? Maybe…but I’m not complaining if I get a job out of it. Also I did unearth these old pics:

Man, high school does seem like a million years ago. Three of those people are married now, two with babies (almost), one in Africa, and a few graduated from college. Who would have thought then that we would be where we are now?

I also unpacked most of my clothes. Yay! But haven’t made even a dent on the pile of boxes in the living room : / This is going to take FOREVER. Maybe I should just leave it all packed for next year…haha, yea right…

I made rice and orange chicken with zucchini two ways for dinner. Yum. Then I helped mom start some Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet in our little ice cream churn-thing and went back to room cleaning. It turned out lovely. Even the little bro had some, usually he won’t touch anything with alcohol in it (good for him). It tasted like blackberry sangria.

A little more room work, a little clean up, a nice shower to wash off all the dust and cobwebs, and now time for sleeping. Tomorrow I get my bikes fixed!!

Back in the saddle


Sunday = waffles!! Happy Father’s Day!!

We had waffles with raspberries and greek yogurt. Best thing about being home. I love fresh home-made waffles! And we all gave Dad our cards and presents but he didn’t open them… Time for church.

I rode my old mountain bike to church since I haven’t had a chance to fix my other one yet. I’ll be taking two or three to my cousin-in-law’s bike shop on Tuesday. It was great to ride again, but mountain bikes are a whole different breed. I forgot what it was like, with only riding my street bike up at Davis. I watched the youth make Father’s Day cards. I got a little bored in the service…Sorry : /

Home for lasagna lunch! (I am sad we didn’t go to Santa Barbara for cousin’s graduation) Then we started on Pecan Sticky Buns for the father.

The most fiddly recipe. Make one thing, chill for two h0urs, let rise in a warm place two hours. No wait you should have done it the other way, kneading the dough in between. Oi. During all these two hours that kept happening over and over again, I cleaned my room. Well I cleaned a little bit of it : /While wearing a tiara, a rainbow tie-dyed head scarf, and a sparkly shawl… I found lots of things from the past, old love letters, doodles, stuffed animals, old cameras…

Some things were great to find. Others, not so much. But the delicious sticky buns made everything worth it : ) We watched Prince of Persia and Myth Busters. Time to unearth my bed for sleep…

First Bday


First full day back in SoCal! Still not sure how I feel about being back… But some fun was had today : )

I spent the morning with the twin at the mall. We asked about jobs at Paper Source, fogged up the glass of Anthropologie, bought chocolates at Godiva, got free samples at See’s, and decorated cookies at William’s-Sonoma after I dropped off my application.

Then is was time to head home for our cousin’s baby’s first birthday! It was really fun to hang out with everyone, play with the baby, and eat tasty food and cake.

After the party, the twin and I headed home to make rolls for a dinner we were going to for the men’s quartet singing on Sunday. We decided to check out an open house up the road first. The house was super weird and huge with small rooms. This beautiful thing was parked in front. Love it.

We made delicious clover rolls and I made this pretty braided loaf with some of the extra.

Dinner was delicious! Tri-tip and chicken on the bbq, beans, salad with home-grown cucumbers, and our tasty rolls with Linn’s jam. Dessert was a friend’s home-made strawberry-rhubarb pie with ice cream. So good!

We ladies (except our pianist friend) sat around and chatted while the men practiced. I also painted the twin’s nails a lovely hot pinkish-purple with white flowers and polka dots.

All in all a good first day. Tomorrow the real work begins.



Quick breakfast of toast, jam, oj, and a hard boiled egg brought from the dorms. We hit the road around 10:30AM. Bye cute corgi!

Lunch at Pea Soup Anderson’s in Santa Nella. California chicken sandwich. Tasty but that place makes me feel greeezzzy.

Back on the road. Soooooooo much traffic. I read the whole June Sunset, Cook’s Country, took a short nap, and started to go a little crazy. I don’t really want to get home, but I don’t want  to be in traffic. I could have run away through the beautiful green orchards…

We didn’t get to this home til maybe 7PM, maybe later, I never checked the time. We unpacked the truck so the cardboard boxes wouldn’t get wet. It is in the 60’s here. (Davis is still in the upper 70’s/low 80’s. I know, I checked.) We decided on Mac’n’Cheese, yellow squash/zucchini, and ‘Princess salad’ (sliced cucumbers with seasoned rice vinegar) for dinner. And who should happen to walk in the door halfway through making dinner? The twin and her husband (! still kinda weird to say) They stayed for dinner. It was fun. We will do some crazy baking this summer.

Tomorrow the crazy job hunt continues. Good luck to me! : / I still have to make/clean my bed. Or not…I can always shower in the morning…