Monthly Archives: November 2012

Happy Vet day!


Great day! Leftover cozy biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. Wore my fur coat on the ride to work and stayed nice and warm. Data entry, pumpkin cookies, meetings, and Picasa. (Look it up. It’s super cool.)

Then my baker twin from Santa Rosa got here! We went grocery shopping for about an hour and changed what we were going to bake about a million times and picked out lunch. Thank goodness for iPhones. We settled on Lavender Cupcakes with a Honey Buttercream Frosting and Penne with Balsamic Butter and Roasted Asparagus. But asparagus was expensive so we switched to broccoli and zucchini. And I only had fussili. We went back home for a tasty lunch of goat cheese brie with apricot jam on a French baguette, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and a lovely sliced Gravenstein apple. We watched Giada and Ina on Food Network while we ate.

Time for baking! The cupcakes were jam packed with lavender since we decided not to strain it out of our infused butter. And our frosting stayed liquidy. Sad day. We tried everything. I messaged the author. We’ll see.

The pasta was delicious! We made garlic toast also. And watched It Could Happen To You, a movie about a guy that wins the lottery and splits it with a waitress.

We washed many dishes! And had a great time catching up. We started a list of things to bake and make over Thanksgiving :) So excited!

Clarinet boy came by to pick her up and we all chatted a bit. I sent them home with cookies. Can’t wait to see them again next weekend!

Tea and Harry Potter to round out the evening (and avoid studying). Time for bed, so sleepy…




Happy voting day!

Woke up early to study for my midterm. Blech. I finished it early of course. Smuts in lab.

Went home for lunch and voting. Woot!

Stopped by the Dean’s Office between Physics and ENH 102 to drop off my grad check to make sure I can graduate in Spring.

Had a lovely nap after that in the sun on the grass :)

Left ENH 102 early to catch a ride to JoAnn’s to buy fabric and batting for our Orbits! I really like the one we picked.

Rush home to register for Winter Quarter classes. Physics 1B, Fire Ecology, Intro to Evolution, and Beethoven. Yeah, I rock.

Rush downtown to meet the roomie at the movies. Roomie date seeing Pitch Perfect. Loved it! Except the dumb vomiting parts. Completely unnecessary. I have been listening to the soundtrack nonstop since then. I’ve got the songs memorized now.

Sunday! Sunday?


I slept in. Forgot to change clocks. Lost hours. Gained hour. Tattoo what?

I did a bit of studying. Frozen potatoes and chicken gravy for lunch while watching Nashville. I like that show like a guilty pleasure.

1PM required study hours with an active at the library. We attempted our physics homework. We chatted more than studied. We were joined by another pair of girls (active and MC). Fun chats.

3PM study session for PLP 120 with one of the profs and half the class. The midterm is on Tuesday. Not looking forward to that.

Did you know Trader Joe’s has a $50 cash-back limit? I didn’t. Dues are…due today. Oops. I bought sliced bread and pumpkin cream cheese. Yum! Changed into professional dress, stopped back at TJ’s for cocoa powder and $50 more on the way back to school. Our MC President tried to run me over on the way…Thanks Katie K.

There was a quiz today…not sure if I passed. We have 2 retakes available to us. I hope I don’t have to use one already. We picked our fabric. It ended up being a different version of one I brought in. Mine was yellow, black, white, and gray flowered. Ours is yellow, blue, green, and teal flowered. Sweet. Can’t tell you any more…secret business :)

Got home and totally not ready for the week to start. I feel like I didn’t even have a weekend because I spent all day at school today and  all day at work yesterday… Let’s make this a great week!

Halloweekend pt2



Meeting with my adviser. I am on track to graduate in the Spring and we planned out my last two quarters!

I finished reading Perks of Being a Wallflower. Now I really need to see the film.

Cocoa with cinnamon :) and I got sucked into Pottermore…

Long chatting with two good guy friends.


Crazy day! Library. Study. Homework. Class. Work. Winery tour with the sisters. The woman in charge of the wine is an alum and gave us free wine to take home! She was super nice and I would love to intern there for the summer.

Toga party! We went as a house. First toga party ever. It was fun getting ready, I put braids and gold chains in my hair. Roomie and housemate left early and I met up with some other friends. We party hopped til 3AM, ending the night sneaking into the spa at a friend’s housing. Fun times!


I had to be at work by 6:30AM. Had a nice nap before going… I was on table duty this planting. The Provost came.

Men’s Soccer game against Sac State. We won! We got free Aggie scarves!

A sister’s birthday party! Met some great people had an awesome time. We played a game that is like King’s Cup mixed with Jenga. I stayed til midnight. Nice long ride home.