Bleh Monday


The first time I woke up this morning was between 3:30 and 4AM. The roomie came barging in with her study buddy shrieking about being stung by a bee and dying. We iced her and she is fine, not allergic or anything. Thank goodness. Good night.

I slept through my alarm but still had enough time to have a peanut butter/banana breakfast and get to class in time. Class was boring, our Midterm is on Wednesday. I need to study! For the past two weeks or so I have been thinking it is on Thursday, which is crazy because the class doesn’t even meet on Thursdays. Oi. I spent most of class debating going to the library versus studying and if there would be enough time.

There was but I was starving and went to lunch instead. Tasty orzo ‘risotto’ with peas, carrots, squash, and roasted asparagus with bread and spinach dip, and fresh warm triple chocolate chip cookies. I ate with nine boys. I never realized that I hardly ever eat with any of the girls…weird. I got sucked into reading a new cookbook (A Platter Of Figs) instead of studying and was almost late to my last outside-research lab! The ride out was so hard because of the wind. What a workout.

Our group was a little rushed this lab. We sped through our last two sections of needs-to-be-restored riparian area before crossing over to do two sections of already-repaired riparian area. All were scratched and cut by the plants, and hot and sweaty from the work. But now we’re done! We just need to make a presentation on it and incorporate it into our freakishly long papers. Joy rapture.

Dinner was kinda lame, cheese pizza and De-Licious asparagus. I tried to study while watching Bones and House, but I ended up eating avocado and cheese on Ritz crackers while drinking tea. I tried some more afterwards…got maybe a quarter of it done. Still tired from the weekend and this morning’s rude awakening, so a shower and bed now and hopefully I will function tomorrow.



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