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I could not sleep last night. I kept thinking about how amazing the Gardens were and how horrible it was about the ones that closed and the ones that no longer exist from that golden age of spectacular gardens.

*    *    *

I totally missed my library research appointment :/

I did get my summary finished though and it was still a great day!

Glee and New Girl were exciting.

I got to read some more of Under the Dome, I am over 700 pages in so far.



Where can I get some change of address forms?


What a Monday!

I thoroughly enjoyed Bio today, we ‘learned’ about Gregor Mendel and his infamous pea plants.

It’s times like these that I wish I was taking my roomie’s genetics class. It would totally rock! We could create all sorts of crazy hybrids…

Today I activated my ID card as a library card and went hard core exploring after my classes. (Here comes trouble!)

I am officially in love. This will be my new home. I plan to move in soon to the 3rd window seat from the end on the 3rd floor. Between the botanical garden section and the gardens of the world section, next to the typography and photography books. I cannot even express my joy in getting to know this new library! My only question is why did I wait so long??

This is the view from my window

That is mistletoe! With little white berries too!

My first armful of garden books!

Isn’t this the greatest book-print-thing-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of?! It is from back when Davis was still just the Agriculture College bit of Berkeley.

This is what my kind of research looks like! Can you think of anything better than being SURROUNDED by lovely books?

Weeeell, maybe being surrounded by cookbooks and baked goods in a fully completely stocked kitchen. Perfection.

Today is also my favorite brother’s birthday!! He is 17 now and got a cell phone! I would add in a picture of his awesome envelope but I forgot to take one before I put it in the mail… Maybe next time.

Now that I have typed up my 3-page outline it is time to read some more of those books scattered on the floor. Life is so good.

Reading weekend!


Sorry, I’ve been buried in a book! But his owner has returned and claimed his own. Here is a rundown of the weekend : )


School is out for the weekend! Yay! I read a lot about the Dust Bowl…such a DRY topic. (pun intended)

I painted my nails in a blue-tinted-sparkly french tip maicure. It looks super awesome! I have never had french tips before and I officially LOVE the way it looks.  ♥  ‘ The cute guy’ joined us once again, this time to watch Hercules!

Great movie. Awesome songs. We totally sang along. Sweet night.


The rommie, ‘the cute guy’, the muscled friend, and I played badminton and raquetball til lunch. We totally rock! Then spent the rest of the day studying…no movies. Some reading and online apartment hunting. We’ll be checking some out on Monday between classes.


I almost rode my bike to Target again, but I don’t actually need anything. I spent most of the day reading Under the Dome. I wish I could disappear a few more days to finish it! Soon. I also made and mailed a card for my brother (it’s his bday tomorrow). Funny story: my twin roomie also has a brother, his birthday is today. Crazy!

Also I did my hair and makeup today while I was bored. This is what I did with my hair

I have not gotten so many compliments on my hair from guys. Ever. Awesome : ) I might do it again tomorrow. Or everyday…

School starts up again tomorrow and I am so not ready to let this weekend go! Oh well, c’est la vie… Peace out!



Today has been fun : )

I woke up more-or-less on time and got to have breakfast. ESP 30 was boring but tolerable. We talked about cannibalism in Bio which was super amazing! Lunch was mostly lime curd on ‘nicked’ bread. I worked on my bio homework and pre-lab with one of the guys for 3 hours and almost was late to my last class! Thanks for watching the time M and A! LDA 30 was very speedy today. We caught up on Japanese gardens and continued onto Islamic and Moorish landscapes. After an exciting crowded dinner a few of us watched Spirited Away! We took a break in the middle to attend a hall workshop on Majors, Minor, and Careers. (I could have been the speaker…but the fruit was tasty.) Then we watched Lilo and Stitch. Again. Well they did, I read a bit of a long boring book on the Dust Bowl. Major yawn. Tomorrow we plan on Hercules! And maybe Beauty and the Beast : )

But tomorrow is Friday!! I am SO excited for the weekend even though I have mountains to get done and tons of plans. Here’s to the college life!

Scones again!


Today was quite interesting.

‘ The cute guy’ asked me out for coffee after class. That was completely unexpected. We met up at the CoHo and both got chai tea lattes. After chilling on the Quad, we walked through some of the greenhouses on campus. They were soo awesome! I kind of want to move to a semi-tropical forest and live in the trees.

I guess all in all we had fun.

We went on an adventure in the night! It involved a walk to World Market, spending a million years walking around and looking at everything. Buying scone mixes. Making and eating scones! It was fun :)

Lookin’ Up


So today really started off on the wrong foot. Like really really.

I slept through my alarm. Missed breakfast. Was late to class. Almost ran over a few people. Missed lunch with people. Freaking out about part of a project due Thursday for my History of Landscape Architecture class. Ran out of time for researching.


I sat down in Landscape. The teacher told us she is extending the deadline by one class! (Breathe.) We watched some of Spirited Away to look at a bit of Japanese gardens and it made me happier (a little). Then we had an awesome speaker, a writing prof from school, who came and talked to us about writing HUGE papers. He talked about thesis writing and a little about researching. It was so calming for me. I felt like he was addressing all the worries I was feeling and it was a great help. I also found out about a new thing the library is doing called Re:Search. You ‘check out’ a librarian in your field who helps you cement your topic/thesis and help you find sources. I might take them up on that… For the rest of class we learned about 60000 acre gardens and all manner of epic landscaping.

Cue great mood.

Great music played on the ride home for dinner with the crew.

After dinner we were super excited for Glee and New Girl! Then we remembered the Union Address. Blech.

We had ‘the cute guy’ over to watch Lilo and Stitch and drink tea. Super fun! And we kinda watched Groundhog Day and stayed up til 2 in the morning talking and playing Truth or Dare.

Fun times, now we know a lot more about each other.

Is it still Monday?


My roomie and I both randomly woke up at 7ish this morning  *yawn* Then she got a text saying her dad’s best friend had a heart attack and is in a coma. Life is really rough right now for her and the family. You know, like when it rains it pours. True story for her right now… I can’t say any more about any of it, but prayer would probably help…

Then we both fell back asleep and nearly missed our classes! Oi.

There has been no more rain and the forecast has changed to “that’s the end of the rain for January.” Just goes to show you how much the weathermen actually can predict things. Not that I’m complaining! I will be happy to ride dry : ) In my awesome boots!

Look how much my teeny plant has grown!

I do realize the seedling isn't in focus...silly camera

And after school I painted my nails again because the little hearts chipped off… Maybe I need better nail polish, mine never stays on long.

I couldn't get a good one of my thumb, but they have sparkly yellow suns on them.

Also, tomorrow one of my friends is finally leaving the teens behind and turning 20! We would party tomorrow, but she still has Taekwondo after school… Maybe over the weekend.

Now that I’ve finished the reading for 2 of my classes, I think it’s time for bed… My ‘early’ class is tomorrow.