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Bleh Monday


The first time I woke up this morning was between 3:30 and 4AM. The roomie came barging in with her study buddy shrieking about being stung by a bee and dying. We iced her and she is fine, not allergic or anything. Thank goodness. Good night.

I slept through my alarm but still had enough time to have a peanut butter/banana breakfast and get to class in time. Class was boring, our Midterm is on Wednesday. I need to study! For the past two weeks or so I have been thinking it is on Thursday, which is crazy because the class doesn’t even meet on Thursdays. Oi. I spent most of class debating going to the library versus studying and if there would be enough time.

There was but I was starving and went to lunch instead. Tasty orzo ‘risotto’ with peas, carrots, squash, and roasted asparagus with bread and spinach dip, and fresh warm triple chocolate chip cookies. I ate with nine boys. I never realized that I hardly ever eat with any of the girls…weird. I got sucked into reading a new cookbook (A Platter Of Figs) instead of studying and was almost late to my last outside-research lab! The ride out was so hard because of the wind. What a workout.

Our group was a little rushed this lab. We sped through our last two sections of needs-to-be-restored riparian area before crossing over to do two sections of already-repaired riparian area. All were scratched and cut by the plants, and hot and sweaty from the work. But now we’re done! We just need to make a presentation on it and incorporate it into our freakishly long papers. Joy rapture.

Dinner was kinda lame, cheese pizza and De-Licious asparagus. I tried to study while watching Bones and House, but I ended up eating avocado and cheese on Ritz crackers while drinking tea. I tried some more afterwards…got maybe a quarter of it done. Still tired from the weekend and this morning’s rude awakening, so a shower and bed now and hopefully I will function tomorrow.



Spring Fair!


Lovely morning. Long brunch and reading in the sun. Just biding my time until this:

I had a bit of time before it started to catch up on a few TV shows.

It is hot!  I walked around the gardens checking out the lettuce, fruit trees (apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry, pomegranate, fig), kiwi (!) and grape vines, herbs, and flowers.

Then I walked to the main area of the Spring Fair to meet up with some friends. There were info tables, live music, face painting, ‘Farm Olymipcs,’ and tasty food. We ate wild rice with vegetables, garlic toast with sundried tomato spread, and solar-baked cinnamon chocolate chip cookies, keyed soil types, saw an awesome art-info show that I wanted to keep the posers from, and visited the chickens!

At the Student Farm they have a cat named Compost, but she wasn’t around today. We hung around visiting and checking things out til it ended around 5PM. Then we went our separate ways for dinner.

I decided to switch things up and watch Once Upon A Time when it was actually on TV instead of waiting to watch on hulu. There are only two episodes left! Ah! I am so excited : )

The guys of 310 stopped by and we all went to the hot tub to study and hang out. We’ve all got midterms this week, ew.

I finished my book and we returned upstairs to get ready for another week. Only like 5 weeks left! I love summer : )

Do you think I party too much?


Interesting start to the day. (I just realized how much I don’t tell you…wow)

Glorious shower before a lovely brunch with two of my favourite guys in our group. We chatted about the craziness of last night, how hungover everyone else is, and the state of the room. Popcorn and bottle caps strewn about. In beds, in shoes. A random, unpaired shoe. Bananas on the desk.

I decided that the time was right for baking cupcakes! Going with the classic combination of yellow with chocolate frosting was a big hit with everyone. I also got on a nice walk to the grocery store for frosting while the cupcakes cooled. Lovely day for a walk in the sun.

I finished Lady Almina while waiting for 8:30PM to come around. I got a frat party invite for the night. It was supposed to be a berout competition but ended up just being beer pong. I helped my partner, ‘the cute guy,’ lose every game. We lost by one cup, five cups, four cups…then decided we were starving and went to Ohana’s Hawaiian Barbecue for second dinner. So tasty! We went home after that, tired of the party and ‘the cute guy’ was still recovering from Thursday night…so he went to bed.

I went down the hall with a suitemate to chill/drink/party with 3rd-floor-mates until going down the road to an apartment party. There were shots of Jim Bean, ‘beer bong’ with orange juice and pre-mixed margaritas, and Shock Top. We met some cool new people. The plan changed and they wanted to go out to bars but I don’t have money for that kind of thing. I waved them off and headed to 313.

We hung out, looking up YouTube videos and chatting til past 3:30AM. Fun times. Then I headed to our neighbor’s place. They are always doing something exciting on weekend nights. I caught the tail end of their King’s Cup game. Played a bit of soccer in the hall with one of the guys and watched The Pianist while they kept drinking beers. I decided that I might want to do something productive tomorrow and left before the end of the film. The roomie was of course in the shower so I am going straight to bed and sleeping!


Actual Friday


Why do libraries never open earlier than 10AM? Well I guess it gave me time to have a leisurely morning and oatmeal for breakfast. I had to go return a bunch of books on bats and migration and pick up some classical/piano music and showtunes. Also ended up getting some Alabama and Stephen King books.

Just enough time for lunch before Iron Lady with my sorority friend and chillin’ with the guys after.

We tried some of this before the soccer games. Tasty but doesn’t taste like cotton candy.

First floor game: the other team didn’t show = another forfeit and win for us. Third floor game: a few jerk dirty players but we still won 4-2. We officially rock. We messed around and ‘played’ soccer til the field lights turned off.

Walked and rode back to our building before walking to get fro yo and then beer from AM/PM. Chillin’ and drinking downstairs, joined by our frat and sorority buds coming back from a social. Turned up the music, singing. Country, ♥ pop, dance. Fun : ) We stayed up way too late, being way too loud. Friday nights rock!

It’s like Friday!


I slept through my alarm again! : / oi. I also spent the whole day thinking it was the 27th…it is written on ALL my notes and on my lab plants. Oi again. Just enough time to grab an egg and pack a lunch. I finally used my cool box for lunch!

Mine is green like this, but I don't have little silverware for it yet. And I lost my little pink lunch bag that goes with it : ( Maybe it is at my other home...

I packed strawberries and grapes in the bottom and cheese and pita in the top with an apple and a banana on the side and a bit of leftover soft pretzel. Great lunch for a long school day.

I studied during half my first class and tried not to fall asleep for the second half. Studied more between classes. Paid attention and took notes in Propagation, I really like that class. I like every class I take with that prof. Then…

Midterm! Yikes. He hands out the test and *woosh* there goes all the information. It sucks. At least it is only 10% of my grade and I don’t think I failed it…. Blech. I’m just glad it is over.

I wore my denim jacket again today (actually I think I wore the same thing as yesterday...but I won't tell if you won't) and this is my most favorite pin!

In PLS 119 lab I propagated Lemon Balm seven ways, Mock Sweet Orange two ways, and orange and rose in hydroponics. Awesome. I can’t wait til the end of the quarter when I get to take them home! Today I got to take home my little variegated spider plant, the flowers from my rose and orange, extra leaves from the Lemon Balm for tea, and some deep purple sweet peas.

I stopped by Segundo on my way home and cashed in on a survey I did for the school. I got $25 in Aggie Cash. That is money I can spend on campus and in some restaurants in town. Awesome.

Dinner was a bit of a let down. We were all SUPER EXCITED for popcorn chicken! They didn’t have it. Major bummer. But I did have a tasty spicy pork quesadilla and got some studying done. I stayed later than I thought, past 7PM.

My friends had a softball game tonight so I went to watch them. They won by a landslide! It was a great exciting game! We played light-up frisbee after when they turned off the field lights. It was lots of fun and my aim is much improved since I last played when I was little. (Only one throw didn’t go where I wanted it.)

I watched Roman Holiday and The Graduate. I love Roman Holiday! The Graduate was interesting… I did like the music (except that they played Scarborough Fair like 4 times) and the style and now I really want to go on a road trip!

Big plans for tomorrow! (library, CVS, skype) Time for sleeping : )



I woke up before my alarm. I had an egg and oatmeal for breakfast.

I felt like a rockstar, wore skinny jeans, rainbow flats, a zipper sweater under my denim jacket decorated with awesome pins. We had a special speaker and played with M&Ms in PLB 119. Glorious day. I am on top of the world.

I had lunch with a cute blond rugby player and a crazy Nin. I got to play with plants in PLB 119 lab. I got a guy’s e-mail, he wants to study over the weekend. I don’t know about that…he is so slow with all things plants. I would have said yes in a heartbeat to Reed if he had asked instead.

I got to read my pleasure book before cracking down on studying for tomorrows midterm. And now I want to make NAZAC biscuits.

I stole one of these from the greenhouse on the roof to wear in my hair

I thought about my Giant’s fan friend. He’s cool.

I had dinner with the boys, which is nice. And studied a little in the DC with tea.

My ex facebooked me while I was studying later. Threw me for a loop. I haven’t thought about him in ages, especially since last weekend. I should have just not responded. I should have just been studying, not keeping half an eye on fb. Arg. I just don’t know. I am having such a great time up here, sans drama (mostly). After that I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Blech. The girls hanging out here complaining about exes (one just broke up) and things made me more anxious.

Carnivorous plants kinda rock hard core

I moved downstairs with some of the guys. It helped, they are chill and not like girls, it is refreshing. I got to talk to my downstairs friend about most of it which helped and finally got some actual studying done. I am so not ready for this midterm. At least there is some lovely rain and a chance of thunder and lightning.

I am so ready for sleep. I am so ready to wake up tomorrow and be happy again.

(Sorry, I had this awesome long blog planned and *woosh* there it goes…)

This doesn’t count as hooky…


So I thought I woke up on time this morning… Until I rolled over and discovered it was after 8AM. Eeek! Run!

I only had time for a cold egg before running out the door to print out all my class notes only to find out that my card is not working. Again. I had to wait for someone else to let me in the building and print center. Oi. Lovely start to the day.

In ENH 160 my pen exploded on me. I missed a few lecture slides while trying to get the ink off in the bathroom. At least it was only on my hands…I think (my pants were black so I couldn’t tell). Another boring lecture on the whole, at least I got my paper turned in on time. Hope the grade is good.

Bare Necessities from The Jungle book came on while I was riding. I couldn’t help but sing along and grin like crazy. It reminded me of the weekend in Rohnert Park and my new Giants fan friend.  : ) I should look around and see if anyone recorded them….

Pita and cheese sandwich for lunch while reading the paper. There was a great article about the closing of the State Parks. It makes me so angry that they are planning the closures. I have written to the higher ups about it and signed petitions. I would have gone to the march things in Sacramento but I had a midterm. I also had a bit of time to read my new book, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abby. I am enjoying it and can’t wait to watch the show!

More about cuttings in PLS 171. More about flowers in California in PLS 102. Lovely time spent reading and apple munching before PLS 102 lab. The lab was awful. I couldn’t concentrate on the keying exercises, lots on my mind. I went through the lab worksheets as fast as I could and left before 4PM. Almost three hours early. Blech.

Tonight was Harry Potter at the DC!! It was crazy decorated, the movie music was playing over the speakers, and the workers were wearing black choir robes. The food was normal tasty but with ‘Harry-Potter-ized’ names. It was pretty fun : ) Everyone is going to be singing the theme music FOREVER.

There was supposed to be a 3rd floor social tonight. We would plant plants and eat food in honor of Earth Day. There was a misunderstanding with some people and it got canceled. Kinda. It turned into me hanging with the RAs, eating food, and watching Glee and New Girl while studying. Not the same, but still fun. I’m still super bummed about no planting, but I am sure there will be much planting in my next two labs. Speaking of…the Rec Pool is open!! I may bring my suit and swim after lab on Thursday : )

I really need to study for my PLS 102 Thrusday midterm! Tomorrow… Now sleep : ) Peace.