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I woke up at a reasonable time! And fell back asleep til 10 : / And had a weird dream that my best friend and I were going to be kicked out of a really expensive church concert being held in an opera hall. They were so mean. It was so fancy.

I freaked out because I thought the roomies final was at 1 and she was still asleep at noon. It wasn’t until 3.

I stayed in my pjs til 4.

I read over 50 pages about stuff like city planning (or lack thereof) in Spanish cities in California and English cities on the East Coast, how frightening modernism was in the 1950’s for the suburban woman, and something else I feel horrible about forgetting…I hope it’s not on the final.

I skyped my mommy for a really long time. Procrastination is so much better with company. And my dad’s side of the family is a bunch of stiffs. Real lame guys…

I painted one nail red and blue striped.

I wrote two ‘faux’ essays on Paris and Stowe.

I got rid of most of the cupcakes from yesterday.

I am not looking forward to my last final and I wish I was already in So Cal ‘relaxing’ and not stressing here at home : /

May sleep come swift and deep.


Even ninja’s have birthdays


Two finals today.

I woke up on time! Studied and had oatmeal for breakfast before HIS 109A. It could have gone better… I got Algeria and Libya mixed up : / I had over an hour to study for Bio before that final. Yipee. I think that went well. Beautiful sunny day!

Then I got to de-stress and make cupcakes for our ‘ninja-roomie.’ We never see her and she is very quiet, that is why we call her a ninja.

They turned out lovely! And she liked her card : )

In other news, I am out of foil! It took me almost 2 quarters to use 50 feet. Wow. So my mashed potato lunch is wrapped in paper towels.

Dinner was really lame. Really.

I went to Forever 21 with the broken suite-y. (She fell off her bike and chipped her tibia. Hard core.) Such cute stuff! I want to buy new clothes and swimsuits and beach bags : )

Have you ever seen Stepford Wives? Interesting to say the least. That is what I watched tonight. Alone.

I can’t wait to go south and have fun and go to the beach! And watch my sis get married! Eeek! It is so close! It will be beautiful 

I did another fore-arm tattoo, but it isn’t super cool or anything. Just an Irish quote about traveling and a compass rose.

More reading, then bed and TONS of essay-writing-studying tomorrow.



The plan this morning was to sleep in and catch up a bit on the sleep I have lost over the past few days.

What actually happened was the rommie set her alarm for 8 and continued to whack the snooze for an hour and a half. At least. Oi. Well I kept rolling over and going back to sleep til almost 11. Decided that was late enough and I was hungry. Chai spice oatmeal with milk and brown sugar : ) Then the studying (procrastination) started. It’s been all Bio all day. Break for dinner. Break for New Girl. Shower. My hair is still streaked with green, I guess it wants to keep the party going….

I also took a break to make this!

It is ‘the ninja suitemates’ birthday tomorrow! I am making her chocolate cupcakes.

Then it was time to review HIS 109A. Ew.

Hopefully I sleep better tonight, last night I kept dreaming I was trying to teach one of the boyfriend of one of my suitemates how to cook. It was … interesting.

I also hope it is not windy or rainy tomorrow and to do well on finals!

Last Monday!


I woke up with my alarm this morning! I was so happily surprised and glad with myself : ) I actually looked at my phone and smiled.

And proceeded to roll over and go back to sleep. Oi. But I did wake back up at 9:15. My class is at 10. I was only two minutes late to my last lecture ever of the winter quarter. It was lame, I should have slept through it. I froze all the way to class for nothing (it was 38 when I left). We reviewed the last three lectures. Oh well.

I stayed in and had bread and cheese for lunch. I worked on my paper and drank copious amounts of hot tea. It was finished by dinner which was pesto-almond chicken with mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and broccoli and a few bites of someone’s Boston Cream Pie (I could not resist!). After reviewing my paper I turned it in online and watched Once Upon a Time to celebrate. Also repainted some of my chipped nails with dark purple with lighter shimmery purple shatter and orange polka dots. Awesome. I also got a tattoo.

Boring night…had some almonds with Alan, some laughs with Lindsey…haha

I watched an interesting movie about a musicologist in the early 1900’s who goes up to the mountains to collect Scots-Irish ballads. The music was lovely as was the scenery. The interesting party were the love triangles, lesbian school teachers, moonshiners, and such.

Now I will catch up on the sleep I’ve lost over the past few days because I have no finals tomorrow! Only studying. Peace out guys, life’s too short to listen to bad music!



Another late morning with a tasty brunch.

Then it started hailing! It was so cool and awesome! The hail was pea-sized and came down hard and fast for over ten minutes. Half the building was gathered around the courtyard catching the hail, screeching and yelling about it (even though 20-hr quiet hours has started). It was still sunny when it happened and a perfect study break. We stayed until it stopped around 2PM.

At 3 a bunch of us walked down the street to look at a 6-bedroom/3.5-bath house that is up for rent next year. It was perfect! Lovely backyard with grass, orange trees, and roses, nice kitchen with a gas stove and double oven, a fireplace in the living room, it included the living and dining room furniture, and had a new washer/dryer next to the 2-car garage. While we looked at it another group came by ti check it out and four more people called for appointments. This place will go fast. Good luck to our suite-y that really wants it!

Then I finally got really crackin’ on my paper. I got two pages of text, one page of pictures, and two pages of sources before calling it a night. Around 10 ‘the cute guy’ came by and we decided to make green cheesecake truffle brownies. We used a brownie mix from Trader Joe’s and made up the cheesecake part. (8 oz cream cheese, 1 egg, 1/3 cup sugar, and a splash of vanilla) So we put the batter in the pan, made that green part, and then I remembered the brownies were only 8×8 and I made enough cream cheese mixture for a 9×13… We poured it all on anyway and it worked out all right. It had to bake a few extra minutes. We made a new friend who waited it out with us and we shared our brownies with him. They was delicious! We wanted to eat it hot from the pan with spoons, but we cooled it in the freezer first. Wonderfully chocolaty melty creaminess!

After cleaning up we went back upstairs to watch Kill Bill 2. Just as crazy as the first. Wild. And go us for only staying up til 2AM! ; ) Tomorrow is the last day of classes, then 6 long days of finals. Fun.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


I woke up kinda late…but before noon! Yay me… Since it is St Pat’s day I wore a green shirt, rainbow striped earrings (many compliments from guys actually…weird), and did awesome teal-green cat-eye makeup. I looked stylishly green : )

I had a delicious (late) breakfast! Fried eggs, toast, strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, hot chocolate…yum : ) I read a bit and wrote an outline and thesis for my 5-page paper while eating.

Most delicious thing ever! If you have never eaten strawberries this way, go out and do it right now. Seriously. It is amazing.

I rode my bike to the public library to return books, movies, and music. It was so fast on a bike! I listened to The Veronicas on my way, I am really loving them and Paramore right now. They rock. I checked out like 5 tasty books, most for my paper. I decided to write on Vanilla plantations in New Zealand. Awesome. I will have to visit these places someday.

Then I went home and studied Bio for a million years, with a break for dinner in the middle. I had potatoes gratin, ham, and tasty sauteed kale. It was the best dinner all week and I almost cried when my mouth started hurting again in the middle of it : ( I will start taking drugs before eating again I guess… More Bio after dinner but I started going a little crazy and took breaks in between answering ‘essay’ questions to colour green streaks in my hair. I did light green, dark green, silver green, highlighter green…it looked really awesome! I want to do it for real! Maybe red and purple instead though. I did it with all kinds of pens and markers and started getting light-headed from the Sharpie fumes…

After finishing Bio (and my hair) I watched The Secret of Kells. The animation was weird but I really liked it and the music was great! The little cat was very cute, I want to paint a large picture of it and Aisling in the forest : )

I studied a little more and hung out with some people til 1-ish. I made raspberry white chocolate chip scones with ‘the cute guy’ around 2 AM and passed them around to friends that were still up studying : ) Then we watched Kill Bill. Wow. Have you ever seen that movie?? It is crazy! And the cliffhanger ending?! Well at least we know for sure what movie we’ll be watching next. We ended up staying up til 5 watching VH1 music videos and looking for Wild Russia.

I need my beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddd… ‘night

Oh hey Friday…


After staying up so late last night, I was surprised to actually wake up with my alarm. But the real problem was convincing myself to got out of bed… I spent a good 15-20 minutes deliberating back and forth. Needless to say school won out over more sleep. I am too good of a student.

Lovely warm berry oatmeal for breakfast before venturing out into the rain.

Bio was on Sexual Selection today. Some great comments from the prof. He is awesome! Only one lecture left!

My LDA 30 discussion was canceled so I rode home to have leftover mac’n’cheese for lunch. Leftover shaped mac’n’cheese is WAY better than leftover regular. So tasty and cozy : ) I might have studied a little afterwards but I honestly can’t remember…

Finished GREEN, a documentary on caner from pollution, in HIS 109A and got our essays back : / I didn’t do as well as I hoped but I’ll pass the class no problem.

I read some Mozart, listened to some music and decorated my nails for tomorrow!

See the shamrock? : )

Awesome polka dot thumb nail

Dinner was lame tonight. I wish I had gone to lunch and saved the mac’n’cheese for dinner. Then I really got down to studying, it was mostly about ‘desertification’ in Morocco. Silly people. It is all about the rain.

I watched this cool Discovery Channel show about Park Wardens after I finished.

Then ‘the cute guy’ came over and we stayed up WAY too late (again) watching Stranger Than Fiction (I want to be the baker chick soo bad!) and Breaking Dawn (don’t tell anyone though). I LOVED the back and sleeves of Bella’s dress but the front was boring and a little weird. I also loved all the hanging flowers and she looks so pretty after getting turned.

Too sleepy for a shower, hopefully I wake up tomorrow before lunch…