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Last week of school!


Until finals week… : /

So a recap of the weekend you missed:

* Left town 4 hours later than planned and got to San Simeon around like 10 PM on Wednesday.

* Did many fun things while waiting for the turkey to roast

Like taking beach walks. It is not even noon in this picture but it was a foggy day.

There was lots of sea foam along the beach.

We also drove up the coast.

And visited the resident sea elephants.

* Made a pecan pie!

* Saw a rainbow on the beach!

* Was super classy and drank wine from a jam jar.

* Saw huge waves at high tide.

They were crashing over the road!

* Watched the fiance (not mine!) play with his new camera.

* Saw “arch rocks”

* Found an awesome old truck I’d like to fix and drive forever.

* Found the cutest house to open a bakery in with my sister.

* Drove by Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. (And cursed her will forever!)

* Saw LOTS of mushrooms on a hike.

Red ones with white spots like in the video games.

And pretty ones that look kind of like a hibiscus flower.

And cool shimmery bronze coloured ones.

* And saw amazing sunsets!

It was a great weekend of visiting with family and eating lots of great food!


Watch out turkeys!!


Putting the finishing touches on my packing while singing to loud music is one of my favourite things about traveling.

We’ve got a good selection going today: Robert Plant, Michael Bublé, T Swift…

I am going camping near Hearst Castle for Thanksgiving!

So I will be gone the next few days making pies, hiking, eating amazing food, and seeing my people again for a few days : )

Occupy Davis?


Don’t believe what you see on the news. The recent happenings at UC Davis have been grossly misrepresented.


In other news:

I am now free and single and may not write again til next quarter. (You will be the first to know if I change my mind.)

My building’s volleyball team is playing their last championship game tonight. Go Webster Winnsese! (or however they decided to spell that)

I am SO EXCITED to go camping in San Simeon for Thanksgiving! (Funny story: Last time I camped there was right after I broke up with another boyfriend. Crazy right?)

Research your cause.

That is all for now.


What a week(end)!


Fun things you’ve missed:

1st real college party complete with ‘Jungle Juice’ and black lights

Costco run with 6 friends in a 5-seat car and lots of free samples

Late-night Walmart adventure for ink and drugs

Dollar Tree visits for Christmas decorations

Poker night with the girls

Sex in the City with the guys

Dance party in the dorm


Winter quarter advising

Biking in the rain at midnight


I love living in Davis with all my amazing new friends and having our grand adventures!

I’ll try to be better about writing

(I just have not been in the mood recently)



Last night (this morning) we watched Sharktopus. Crazy movie. Enough said.

It has been really cold these last few days. Tuesday was like 51°F at 8 AM. Today was 48°F at 10 AM! My fingers and ears froze a little on my rides to class. But I’ve been wearing my “Paris coat” (from forever21) and it is so nice and warm and cute!

We put up Christmas lights and stockings and construction paper leaves in the living room (along with the bats that were already there) so now it it lovely and decorated.

Now our group is going out for sushi to celebrate the weekend! (at least that’s what we tell ourselves haha)