Monthly Archives: August 2013

Moved In


Mostly moved in and settled to the new place.


Highlights of the weekend:

-getting away from the HEAT (triple digits 103 today at the new place)

-the bf met the parents and it went over great

-picked blackberries along the highway for an impromptu cobbler

-got champagne yeast to brew homemade sodas

-hike along the foggy coast

-more bday presents and cards…need to send the thank yous

-surviving Monday (yes, for me that counts as part of the weekend)






I have a job. Part time. Less than part time actually… $10/hr

I am moving to a new city on Friday. My rent is 1 paycheck for a postage stamp-sized room. No alcohol or guests allowed. 2 cats.

The bf might (probably) meet the parents this weekend. Yikes all around.


In short, I am headed to the unknown. Who knows where I will be or what I will be doing a month from now. Good luck where it should be I hope.