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Me = SO Excited!


And why might you ask am I so excited??

Because my mommy got me this:

You might not know it, but lately I’ve been almost OBSESSED with having bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

Tomorrow or later today I am for sure going to Trader Joe’s for bread (and maybe olive oil and cheese and lunch meat).




The lamps that were provided to us in the dorms were very boring.

And weird creamy ivory coloured.

That is not okay by me.


So I decorated mine!

Ariel (my all-time fave Disney princess) and a cute little dinosaur with teeny spines on his back

A round elephant and a small giraffe. I really like giraffes.

And there has been talk of getting a HUGE poster to decorate our room…cause they are selling them for pretty cheap by the bookstore.

Maybe Star Wars or something…cool!

For real!


This is what I did during my first week as a crazy college student not living at home!

I think it is soo awesome!

I am such an arteest :)

I also gave tattoos to two of my suitemates. One was a chill UCD and the other a pretty heart with swirls on the sides.

If you can bring me ready henna, I will SO give you an amazing tattoo. 

1 week


I have officially survived my first week away from home!

Let’s recap what I’ve done this week:

1. Made lots of new friends (♥ my suitemates!)

2. Gotten lots of free stuff

3. Kept my room clean!

4. Explored campus fully

5. Had lots of fun! (maybe a little too much on some days)


Tomorrow starts the first full week of school…eek. Bring on the crazy studying!!


All moved in and catching up!


Moving up here was CRAZY! Super long driving and a truck packed to the gills, but nothing fell off or got lost…so we’re good.

It was awesome to visit with some old friends who are letting us stay at their house and feed us TASTY dinner.

*   *   *

So we finally arrived in Loomis, CA (about 45 min north-east of Davis) around 5:30. Our friends live out on a tiny-not-paved road with horses (not theirs) at one end and their cows at the other and a super cute puppy (corgi mix) runs out to greet us! Followed by her people. I honestly asked right then and there if I could bring here along to school. No luck! The dorms only allow fish and they must be pre-approved.  Lame.

So we went on a walk and “toured the estate.” It was pretty cool. We saw one of these:

Super cool Dodge Cornet! The one we saw was not in as good a shape as this one...kinda had a tree growing through the front licence plate. But the last time someone got in it it ran fine.

And picked handfuls of blackberries!

Then it was time for dinner. We had delicious baked chicken with kind of a honey Dijon sauce and spinach salad and wild rice. (Note to twin: We MUST make the chicken! Mom should have brought back the recipe.) And ice cream with blackberries and chocolate sauce and frosted flakes for dessert because we only had enough berries for a teeny pie and no one really wanted to make a pie crust just then anyway. Sleep.

*   *   *

Saturday: Move-In Day!!

So the mom, the bf and I left at 7 AM for the check-in. Mad rush to move my stuff in! They would only let you park by the building for 20 minutes. My awesome roomie was already here and had her stuff in our room. Btw we got the best room in our suite! Our room is a little bigger than the others and we have our own bathroom and a little coat closet! We bunked our beds on one wall and put our dressers together on the opposite wall along with our fridge and microwave. My desk is between the beds and the dressers by our window overlooking the street and trees and my roomie’s is at the end of our beds.

We had lunch in the Dining Commons, DC for short, and it was so delicious! Yummy California Veggie Pizza and a lovely warm-from-the-oven chocolate chocolate chip and white chocolate chip cookie. Heaven in a lunch.

*   *   *


I woke up at 7 and forgot it was Sunday. Sorry God. I walked to Starbucks and got a toasty Pumpkin Spice Latte. And proceeded to stalk my new Trader Joe’s while listening to 80’s music and hunting flowering plants. The bf came at 9 for visiting. We went to the bike shop to get me a rear fender and a front basket = my getto bike is now kinda cute. He wanted to buy me a bell-ringer-thing but I didn’t know if I needed/wanted one. I do want one now….oh well, maybe next year. Then we went back to friend’s house for lunch and really last visiting. They invited me back if I was ever lonely or if the bf came up and needed a place to stay or to come over in the winter when the calves are born (yes!) or call if I need a ride to the airport. I love our friends! Finally we head back to school for the last time. Of course there was traffic, so we got to spend a little more time together than planned. They got a tour of the room then waved good bye, see you in a month or so!

Long meeting by the pool with the 3rd floor RAs then Nacy Drew til midnight. Sleep.

*   *   *


Chillin. Had tea then rode over to register bikes with a few suitemates. Funny story: My bike is old, from the 70s I think, rust red 10-speed with a SANTANA sticker and the handle bars on upsidedown. Super shnazzy. So to register your bike you have to list the make and model, colour, number of speeds, frame style, ect. Problem: my bike is so old the sticker with the maker on it is rusted off and the model number is nowhere to be found. I think they had a fun time with that :) Then we watched Sleeping Beauty (Rommies first every Disney princess movie!)

One of our suitemates turns 20 tomorrow. We bought ribbon, crepe paper and balloons at Rite Aid and then had some filled with helium. Lots of fun! Balloons were dropped and floated to the ceiling, a bike was almost knocked over, we annoyed pretty much all the staff and half the store I’m sure….

Our whole suite went to the Aggie Pack Rally hoping to score free stuff. No luck this time. And after we got back our almost-birthday-girl got whisked away by her roomie giving us time to decorate and bake! We wrapped her bed in crepe paper and tied balloons on her chair and made a card with a glittery horse on the front and baked her white chocolate chip raspberry scones. The returned at almost midnight and were very surprised! We ate scones and chatted til bed.