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Group projects


Happy birthday to two of my besties!! One is turning 21 in SoCal and is still my bff, the other is turning 23 in AK with a baby on the way and we only talk on occasion now. Maybe I will send her a card…

Still no bike this morning. But there was an egg for breakfast. I didn’t start leaving for class until like 15 minutes before it starts. I was planning on walking there. All the way across campus. Thankfully I ran into the suitemate with 2 bikes! She lent me one. I love her forever. So I made it to class on time. Yay.

Not so much. This lecture group project for ENH 160 kind of bites. We have no idea what we’re doing or how to get it done and it is due Thursday at 9AM. Joy rapture. I hope we can pull this together.

I got a tasty wrap for lunch with a peach and a banana while reading the paper. Nothing real interesting today. I cannot remember what we did in PLS 171 but in two weeks we will do micro-propagation in lab!!

I did sudoku in PLS 102 while almost listening to a lecture on grasses. Good thin I already learned all this at my community college before coming here…

Chatted a bit with a girl from my ENH 160 lab group (BEST group ever!) about the craziness that is the lecture group project. Both our groups are hopeless and don’t feel like listening to reason. Good luck to everybody!

Time for a bit of lab quiz studying, reading, and apple snacking before lab. The quiz was ok, I only missed one point on the keying. I skipped out early after reviewing the plants and keying oats and rye grass. I feel bad, I was going to use my time before dinner to finish Mother’s Day and birthday cards but that didn’t happen… But dinner was AWESOME!

Tonight they served my home recipe! I was SOO excited! It was really tasty, not quite the same as home but really good. And the asparagus was delicious. They also served it with sliced, roasted red potatoes and a corn muffin. Yum : )

Reading, American Idol (I don’t really like either of the final two…what happened to all the amazing people at the beginning?), Glee finale, popcorn, flat root beer, and generally wasting time.

I got pretty bored and took my books to the DC for Late Night.Finished Notes From A Small Island and started Death Warmed Over. Funny book and quite informative. I will probably be posting snip-its of it now and then. I was seriously laughing out loud and getting the strangest looks. Wouldn’t you look at a girl funny if she was laughing in a cup of tea while reading a book on death? Well there you go. Some of the 310 boys came in around 11PM and I nibbled and drank tea with them. Such a fun bunch : ) Hung out a bit in their suite before deciding it was high time for bed.

Unfortunately I happened to look in the window of 310 on my way and had to go in after cracking up with the silly waving we were doing back and forth. Then the red neck one brought out the Nerf gun he modified with thumb tacks and we all took turns shooting a pizza box target across the room. Some good shots were made. Then they wanted to try throwing knives. It worked out pretty well actually. I was not the worst shot. By quite a bit actually. We decided that next year we will all go shooting together in Sac. That should be great, all of us trying to impress each other with our marksmanship. By then it’s 12:30AM and really really time to be heading for bed on a school night.

So yeah, off to sleeping now : )


Dead bike


Good morning! Kinda.

I slept in til 9AM, banana and peanut butter for breakfast, no time for showering, and oh, dear, I forgot to check out my bike over the weekend…oops. Lucky for me, the roomie’s flight back up here was delayed so I got to use her bike again. PLB 119 was mostly a snore as usual. But the sunshine was lovely riding around on a mountain bike : )

I found (and left in the car) this cool bandanna. We missed the good wildflower weeks of the restoration areas, but there were a few flowers left here and there. Awhile back, the fields were a carpet of poppies and things.

Lunch with the boys of 310 and the roomie was loads of fun. She is now slightly paranoid around them because while she was gone they TPed her bed, hid foil in it, hid books and notes under her covers along with the vampire chick poster, and hanged her stuffed penguin. They also turned our microwave upside down, but she hasn’t noticed yet…haha

Time to find if the bike can be fixed! I walked it back around to the air pump. Filled up the back tire. Lovely. Put some more air into the front tire. Nice. I hang up the hose, look down at the tires, and notice that the back tire is completely flat again. Great. And so begins the hunt for a loan-bike, it is way too hot to walk that far. I ended up using one of the 313 boys’ bike to ride to ENH 160 lab. I may try and fix it tonight or tomorrow…

We went on a field trip to a restored riparian area of Putah Creek. We visited some happy, friendly Davis cows!

We hiked all over the cow ‘pastures’ and grass fields.

The breezes were ruffling the tall grasses and I wished I was in Little House on the Prairie. I wanted to frolic in the meadow in high boots and long skirts. I would love to swing on a porch sipping cool iced tea in the mid-west. It was gorgeous. (And hot and dusty.)

I peeled off my clothes as soon as I got home and threw myself into the shower. So nice to be cleeeeeean! And famished. Time for dinner! Chicken and apple sausage on penne, pot roast with potatoes, yam fries, and an awful lemon meringue pie. That was really sad. Powdered meringue and chemically tasting slightly greenish filling. Tragic.

Last episode of House ever! It was ok. I don’t really like hallucination episodes….oh well.

I will go to bed before midnight tonight! (First time in over a week I believe…) After finishing the hard boiled eggs and printing tomorrows notes and things. Peace out.

Must be laundry day


I spent a leisurely morning reading with tea in the DC.

I put off being constructive by hanging out with the 310 boys.

Finally I cleaned the room, did laundry, washed dishes, finished the bat paper, and turned it in. Most of this was done while watching Chopped with teeny suite-ie (who was working on a psych paper) and her crush, the sweet neighbor (who was working on Portuguese).

Before dinner we three watched Eclipse and Food Network. I was super bummed that Sift didn’t win. Totally not fair. But very excited for the Glee Cupcake War next Sunday!

After dinner we watched a few disks of The OC. I have now been sucked into that show! (The main guy is way cuter in the show than in this pic.) Then bed because the real world and school are back tomorrow…lame.



Woke up late. Quick breakfast. Twin graduating! Her school streamed it online so I actually got to hear them call her (new) name and see her walk by. I cheered when she was called. (And only thought about taking a screen shot later, oh well.) Other friends were also graduating so I ended up watching mostly the whole thing until the Webster 3 BBQ.

It was loads of fun! Kinda small though, the only people who came were the 3rd floor RAs, me, the 310 guys, some 313 guys, and a few friends from the soccer team. We kicked around the soccer ball, grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and attempted a veggie burger (didn’t work out so much, mostly crumbled and fell through the grates), talked about all manner of interesting things, watched some anime chicks do a photo shoot, and watched the Sigma Nu kickball/slip-in-slide game. Lovely way to spent a Saturday.

I borrowed Twilight from a neighbor the other day and we watched it after the BBQ. Such a bad film but so much fun to watch! The rest of the afternoon was spent reading about England.

Movie night with the boys after dinner. How to Train Your Dragon. Watching that movie with boys is so funny! They think the dragons are cute but don’t want to admit it. We all stayed up late chattin’ it up. I don’t think we drank at all…


Fridays are the best


Or at least the craziest. Usually.

I woke up and got everything out to write that pesky bat paper. Crank it out now before lunch so I can play all weekend. But I figured I should check my emails first. And Pintrest. And Facebook. Downfall! I ended up ‘talking’ to someone I haven’t in ages. We chatted all the way to lunch. There goes the morning…. The only thing I got accomplished was my nails.

As we got to the DC, my lunch date finally texted me. Too late boy, sorry. Maybe another time.

I worked on bats til the soccer games. Webster 1 won, but it is too late for them to make it to the finals. Webster 3 lost tragically and are out of the running for finals. So there was much drinking and craziness tonight. I don’t even remember everything that happened, not from drinking lots but from the amount that went down. I learned some Portuguese, made 4 shots in a row in someone else’s beer pong game, we may have watched a movie, we walked the cutest boy outside for fresh air where he was promptly sick in the bushes, we got pizzas from Domino’s…not in that order. The night ended with me and ‘Yenny’ sneaking into the pool area to dip our toes in. She decided to jump in after handing me her phone to take pics. I took a super hilarious video instead : ) We started walking up the stairs to the 3rd floor when she decided I should go in too. I was dragged down the stairs and tossed into the spa. Luckily on our way down I had stopped by my room and took everything out of my pockets. Then we chilled and talked about school and life and stuff til almost 6AM. One of the RAs totally walked by us and pointedly did not look in our direction. We would have gotten in loads of trouble even being in the pool area let alone in the spa in jeans and t-shirts. That was our cue to head up to bed.

Showers and sleep! Good morning…..

National Cherry Cobbler Day!?


Good morning! I had to force myself out of be this morning… But I did have store-brand fruit loops for breakfast : )

Presentation in ENH 160. My slides were the most beautiful in the whole class : ) (After class the prof and the TA emailed us to say our lab this year did the best presentations EVER! Go us!) Then we got put into groups for another part of this project. Yay for being slave labour…

Lunch after was so tasty though! Sandwich, banana, and two mini cookies while reading the paper and studying for PLS 102 midterm. PLS 171 was chill, I knew most if the stuff already and studied off and on through class.

Time for my last midterm of the year! The front side was fine (mostly) but the back side was all on the one review sheet I forgot to bring (out of four). Lame. I kinda BSed it…hopefully it worked out well for me.

I finished early enough to ride to the library to find an open computer. I was a bit early and scoped out the shelves. Then run back to a computer to register for Fall classes! (I think I already told you what I would register for, so I won’t repeat it here.) I got into everything I wanted! I would have liked to add one more class, but you can only register for 17 units this early in the season. I am registered for 16 presently. Sweet. I only checked out three new books this time. Death Warmed Over, An Innocent Delight, and The Passionate Olive. So excited to read them after writing my bat paper tomorrow!

Then scoot to PLS 171 Lab. We planted cosmos, cucumbers, lettuce, and marigolds. My rose and tomato grafts are all still alive! My onions have rotted to death because of the stupid mist bench. They were alive last week, but we weren’t allowed to take them home. Sad day. But I did have some fun before I left.

I picked a bag of cherries from the lovely tree and ate some loquats. Yum.

I walked all over the Student Farm looking for lemons…

I couldn’t find any lemons, but I did find these teeny strawberries!

I wanted to use the lemons for some pies to enter a pie contest in town. The winner gets their pie featured in a local restaurant!

I put this lovely flower in my hair and went to get my bike.

I hopped on my bike and headed home. It felt really weird. All this strange clunking and super bumpy feeling. I don’t remember the road being so rough… I jumped off to check things out. My back tire was completely flat, so I resigned myself to walking back. But as I did, my bike kept clunking and stuff. I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary…I hope my rim isn’t bent or anything horrible like that. Sigh.

Dinner was so delicious! Terriyaki chicken on rice, meatloaf stacker, thick hot chocolate with sugared fry bread…so good! I dipped a banana in the extra cocoa. I stayed later and did half of my Propagation notes before going back to see the roomie off. She is home for the weekend because her bff is graduating. Yay for having my own room! Did you know it was National Cherry Cobbler Day?! I sure didn’t. More studying before the softball game.

I got there 5 minutes late and discovered the other team never showed so they won by default. Sweet. They stayed and practiced against each other. And all the boys flirted hard core with the ref chick (who is the captain of their rival team last game). Small world. I played football with them before almost everyone left to study. Three of the boys stayed to play frisbee and I stayed to play with them. I got hit in the face after the field lights turned off. Nice. Now I have this awesome purple and blue lump on my right cheekbone.

We did a little more studying by the spa when we got back. Cozy. I came back up to my room and opened the door onto three guys attacking our room. Remember that we’re in the middle of a prank war? Well now the ball is in our court. The room looks like a disaster area. But I will leave it up for the roomie to see and fully appreciate. Then I was bored and decided to make a cherry cobbler to honour the day. I didn’t have enough of anything to make a real recipe, so I mixed up four different recipes in various fractions… Let’s do this!

I carted everything downstairs and spent half an hour pitting cherries… there wasn’t enough for a 1/3 recipe. I added in my teeny strawberries. Still not enough. Ah! I have freeze-dried peaches from the Grand Canyon hike! I tried to rehydrate them, then cut them up. Perfect! I tossed them into the pan where I proceeded to  add everything else like the whole recipe. Oi. Hopefully it works out. Then I mixed up the biscuit part. I tried for a half batch, but forgot to halve the butter so I added cocoa powder. Assemble. Into the oven! Bake. And Bake. And bake some more. Done!

Much hanging out with the neighbors. Cobbler is tasty. Lots of talking, exchanging stories. Good times. So tired. Peace and ‘night.



Good morning! I really didn’t want to get up today, I almost ditched class. Telling myself I would use the time to study for tomorrows midterm. Haha, yeah right… So I went to class. It actually passed pretty quickly, talking about cacti in Australia and doodling. On myself.

Quick lunch and studying before lab. We harvested our flats. So many radishes, sunflowers, and millets! We ate some of the radishes, they were really spicy. And I attempted to make a radish rose with an straight razor blade…

Yeah, it didn’t work out that well. But we got out of lab early : ) I was going to go back to the Herbarium until 5PM keying again, but I figured it would be better to study today. And I was famished! I finished my tasty leftovers for snack.

Then back to studying. Oh! My prof gave me an extension on the 4 to 7 page paper that is supposed to be due tomorrow. I was freaking out a little about everything that is going on tomorrow and talked to her and she is giving me until Monday. Yay! I will probably finish it on Friday if I can. Sweet. After finishing my midterm study guide, I needed to let off some steam. In the form of adding onto my arm doodle… This is what I ended up with.

Awesome right? : ) I like doing tattoos like this. Time for dinner! Yummy shrimp pad thai and chocolate ice cream. And more studying!

Then I was attacked by friends with water balloons! This is war! Mayhem ensues. Much running around the building and water balloon throwing and people getting soaked. Great study break!

Movie night! Breaking Dawn pt 1 is on for tonight. We planned to study while watching it but got fresh warm cookies instead and just chilled all friendly-like. I did write up my teeny speech for a presentation tomorrow and now I would like to sleep for a few days : )

Night and peace out bros ; )