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First day


Last night was rough. Nothing bad happened. I cried my self to sleep. I had more strange dreams. I have never been super roller-coastery. It was a new experience. Let’s not repeat it.

This morning was great! I set 2 alarms just to be sure, woke up to the first and hopped right out of bed. Breakfast of re-toasted chocolate waffles. (I was going to make fresh ones, but decided not to risk is at 6AM. Just in case.) I packed my lunch in a Star Wars tin lunch box, cause I am that cool. (PB&J, sliced apple, zucchini spears, hard boiled egg and teeny salt shaker, banana, and a fish cookie) Wow…kinda feel like a fatty after writing all that. But I didn’t end up eating it all and I was at school til 6PM. Anywho, school…

I rode over at 7:20-ish and 58°F. Brrr… And go to class by 7:30AM. What? Dude, I live over a mile from campus and my class was at least another half mile. Speedy Gonzales right here ; ) Fist class of Senior Year is Intro to Plant Pathology (PLP 120). The prof is Scottish!! I was so excited I immediately texted a friend back home. Totally makes 8AM worth it, and the class is fun. The lab is right after and goes til noon. Today we got into groups and researched different pathogens for two hours before briefing (presenting to) the ‘President’ (the other prof) for his UN summit. I picked the European Chestnut Blight for my group, which included 2 awesome grad students, 2 Dome girls, and 2 Asian guys. Ours was the best presentation. We were the only ones to make a power point (come on guys, you had two hours to put this together…) and it was nice looking. We have a field trip to the only BioHazard research lab-thing on the West Coast and it is one of the best in the country and we will visit on Tuesday. This class is going to rock.

Oh hello almost two hour break… I spent my time in the library in my old window on the third floor eating my lunch and reading about Italy and Morocco.

Physics was…interesting. I got upset after reading the syllabus and finding out I have to get a ‘clicker’ whatever that is. I heard other people complaining and saying what a waste of money, so I guess it is expensive. Gross. I also need to get my old graphing calculator back from the little bro. Then we proceeded to ‘learn’ about sig figs, conversion factors, and SI units… Well I guess it is an intro class, but really? I am excited to get into more interesting stuff later.

An hour break to read the paper and eat more of my lunch. Poor girl that died. I am so sorry for you and your family : (

I can never remember the name of my last class…PLS 102? Anyway, it is with a prof I had last year that I like. Mostly we went over his life story and some basic physiology of plants. Oh, two of my friends from other classes last year are in it! (We will totally sit together next class and tomorrow in our soils class.) They are also some of the only other people in my major. We talked to the prof after class about major stuff and our micropropagations of African Violets. We will bring them into class next week. I don’t think I will carry them around all day to the field trip and all. I will use my two hour break to run home and grab them.

I don’t have any recent pics, this is from August. They are HUGE now.

I came home, called mom, and made roasted brussles sprouts and a baked potato for dinner. It was good to chat with mom. I accidentally put greek yogurt on my potato instead of sour cream. That was different. I was going to watch The OC with dinner but the DVD player is on the fritz again : /

When the whole house got home we had a powwow meeting. We figured out some rules,about cleaning, messes, and loud sex (haha, jk); how to pay for things; and I made a spreadsheet for us to track all our money stuff. We are legit.

Then it was time for some physics homework. Bleh… I kept getting sidetracked, and it got late so quick that I ended up only having time to read the chapter and prepare my hw sheet. I need to shower and sleep so I will be ready for my interview and class tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


Full house


Today has been wild and crazy and chill.

I made cookies in the morning while the roomie and bf caught up on The OC before they left for Sac.
It is very hard to roll out dough that has been chilling for over a day… But they did turn out cute and tasty.

Schools of tropical fish, herds of dinosaurs, and flutters of butterflies invaded my kitchen!

My old suitemate came over again to watch The OC and she brought strawberry cake mix cookies. So delicious! They tasted like Jell-O. As soon as we started watching though, the last housemate finally arrived, with his mother, to move in! It is awesome to have him here finally, but strange at the same time. We kind of got used to only two of us in the house. Ah, well, adventures!

Then I received a phone call. I don’t know if you know, but I kind of applied to a paid internship with Tree Davis. They plant trees. In Davis. (If you couldn’t figure that one out ; ) ) Anywho, the guy called to set up an interview! On Friday. He wanted to do it tomorrow, but it will be a bit hectic with the first day of school and lots of classes. So yeah, fingers crossed. That would be two birds with one stone, a job and internship hours.

At 4:30PM we both left to be crafty. Her to make signs for her sorority and me to tie-dye with Catalyst. Ah, I love tie-dying! I had a lot of fun and got to talk to a guy I met yesterday. He’s like in my cousin major. Nice to have friends in my college : )

I also happened to dye my hands and fingers all sorts of blues, pinks, and greens… Awesome. But really I don’t mind. I think it makes me look cool and creative. And now people will think the bruises on my arms are just dye and ink. Cool : )

I helped the housemate ‘fing-shway’ his room a little. Hopeless. Bone-sigh! haha…inside joke. I decided that I should actually make dinner for tonight and tomorrow in case I don’t feel like cooking after class. Rainbow spaghetti, sauteed zucchini, and a spinach/fontina/chicken sausage. I think my first real meal turned out well.

Finished up the dist of The OC that we were on while eating on the floor. Speaking of, we are getting dining chairs next week! And we got a vacuum today. We are all so excited to vacuum the couches, and by we I  mean the roomie and I. I don’t think the housemate cares much…

After washing all the pots, pans, dishes, and packing up the leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner I packed up my backpack. Eeek! First days are always exciting. I was thinking of making my lunch now, but I would rather sleep and wake up a little earlier.

Time for sleep and wish me luck!

Just another day


Took a long walk to get my bike back from downtown. Sorority-wannabes everywhere.

Skyped mom : ) and got rainbow cups and cute bird placemats from her.

When to a bbq put on by one of the Christian groups on campus. Met some great people and had fun.

Scoped out the Resource Fair, got some cool swag. Best things: GO AGS! tote bag and a free game of bowling in the MU.

New Girl season premier! We all gathered at a friend (with cable)’s house to watch. It was pretty good.

Last night of freedom! Now what to do…


Happy Belated to Me


After a few episodes of OverHaulin’ (remember that show?!) I caught a ride home. Yay for not having to take an hour long bus ride! And mostly had a chill day. Snack. Reading. Pinterest. Breaking Pointe. Reading. Pinterest…

That started getting boring so I made sugar cookie dough from the Sprinkle Bakes cookbook. Tasty dough : ) It has to chill you know and that is when I discovered that I forgot to get plastic wrap! Oi. How will I survive this quarter? My brain is on permanent vacation… So it’s wrapped in foil in the fridge. Looks like a silver rock.

I do have wax paper and parchment paper. And Fluff. On my desk. Taunting me. Please! Eat me! I should make the little pygmy eat it…

Anywho, after dinner the roomie and I made yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting and flower sprinkles in honor of my birthday over the summer. Yum. Her bf and his friend stopped by after working out to help us eat them. How sweet : )

I got to skype an old friend! He is planning all kinda of exciting things, studying in Europe, Masters at Harvard, an apartment in the city… I wish him all the best and hope he still keeps up with music, I wish I had been able to.

And then I watched about a million movie trailers. So many to see! Les Mis : )

Sorry for the boring writing, night!



I made chocolate waffles for breakfast!!

It turned out way more exciting than I was expecting. I am practically out of cocoa powder. I set off the fire alarm! I practically incinerated one batch. I really do think waffles ought to be crunchy. Not like a pancake in the shape of a waffle. (Pancake in waffle clothing!) The second batch was perfect besides sticking like nobodies business. I ate my chocolate waffle pieces in a bowl with cubed bananas, greek yogurt, and maple syrup. Yum. And I have enough batter leftover in the fridge so I totally could make them again on the first day of school! Side note: Danish Creameries butter is so delicious! Or it might just be that I hadn’t had butter in like 4 days…

A good bit of my day was spent working on these cute guys. I haven’t decided if I will keep it of give it to our chicken friends from church… I also read about beautiful towns in Portugal. You know, I was kinda learning Portuguese last year. I don’t remember much except that the pronunciation is different than I expected (not like Spanish). And I watched lots of a ballet show. I wish we had never stopped ballet : /

After dinner (cheese and lettuce sandwich and zucchini spears with ranch) it was time for a frat part at AEPi with some friends. I have to tell you, I thought I looked pretty cool. Rockstar ponytail thing, skinny jeans, red top, and I totally did that smoky eye thing and it actually turned out!  Well the party was super lame. But we did run into some other friends who live across town now. They said let’s blow this popsicle stand (not really, but I would have said it) and I left with them to go bar hopping. The friends I came with couldn’t go, they are still only 20. It turns out though that only one fancy bar/restaurant is open in Davis at 11:30PM on a Sunday. Lame. So we drove to Safeway, picked up some supplies ; ) and went back to their flat. (Haha funny story: their complex is called Sharps and Flats) We played King’s Cup. I lost?! Won? First time ever…yuck. And we watched a Fast and Furious movie with some beautiful muscle cars. We girls crashed on the couches zzzz…

Moving in


Packing was a little rough. A few almost meltdowns. I have way too much stuff! How does this happen? But I managed to fit all my stuff into the truck! (barely) Long drive to Loomis to stay with friends. We had my wheat ring loaf with dinner and I made cookies for dessert : ) And the sunset was A-mazing!

That cloud totally looks like a dolphin. Awesome.

September 20

Then it was Move-In Day! We got in at 10AM, checked in, got keys, and gave them lots of money. Now the townhouse is ours! Yay!

The walk through thing was really long, I think it took almost 2 hours. Oi. Unpacking was crazy. I kinda freaked out, feeling like there was no way all my crap would fit in my bits of the house. It worked out well enough (though I did take over more than my third of the kitchen). Quick lunch and grocery shopping as a break before finishing up the unpacking. Back to Loomis for dinner and some goodbyes.

September 21, Day 2

Back to Davis for more groceries and an application of Trader Joe’s! We polished off the unpacking and organizing food things.

Bye Mom and Dad! Thanks for everything!

Whew, they are gone and I can breathe. It is different to be on my own. (My roommate has been in and out of the house, mostly staying with her parents and our housemate is nowhere to be found and not answering messages…) One of my old suitemates came over to watch The OC and make cookies. We had a great time catching up and hanging out. After she left I finally broke down and decided it was high time to break in the shower. But all we have in my cloth rainbow heart shower curtain and no hooks to hang it… So I got a bit ghetto-crafty on it and rigged this up to shower.

Yeah…I kinda rock ; )

It was an interesting shower, to say the least. Not really feeling like reading, I decided to work on my painting. I added some new bits. It is not finished and I still have to decide on a font for the UCD part.

I was about to give up an staying up with nothing else to do when I got the text. About a party down the street! Turns out my roomie’s bf was having a housewarming party with all his house people and all our friends that have move up so far. I hopped on my bike and rode like the wind! It was so great to see everyone again. There was much shrieking, hugging, kissing, and laughing. I won’t shock you with the details ; ) but it was an awesome party! Three friends came home with us cause they lived too far and drank a leetle too much. Many great adventures were had. Man, I love being back!

September 22, Day 1 On My Own

Everyone slept in late so I had a nice quiet morning reading and drinking tea. ‘Walk of shame’-d one friendly back to her car before lunch haha when everyone else woke up and headed out.

I had a long leisurely hot walk to Trader Joe’s to turn in my application. They guy seemed to like me and really liked my application. (I don’t think he was being sarcastic…)

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. Which I ate sitting on the counter. Awesome.

The roomie came back with her parents and she bought us a plastic shower curtain for the inside and beautiful red ‘jewel’ curtain hooks! I might post a pic later, they are so pretty : )

Our neighbor boys from last year (310) are having a get together tonight across town. It will be loads of fun to hang with them again. Time to get ready, ttyl



So I was going to post yesterday when I moved in, but I ended up going back to Loomis for the night… Tasty food!

I was going to write right now, but as soon as I opened this post I was invited to a party! Woot : ) Off to have fun and see a ton of friendlies!!