I don’t know where I was this week. So here’s what you missed!


Happy birthday to one of my best guy friends! Finally legal! (I think they partied too hard after midnight last night…)

Midterm in the morning. I woke up early enough to study some more and figure out how to make a population matrix! Too bad everything was completely switched around on the test : / C’est la vie….

This is what I found when I left for my midterm. Someone stole my “I ♥ my bike” bell! This is all they left and it’s not enough for ringing which is super dumb cause now neither of us (me or the thief) can use it. I am sad now.

Rode to the public library for new music (George Winston and Broadway this time) before lunch with the blonde rugby player. PLB 119 lab was fun, more planting.  I got a package from my mom! It had gardening gloves, a tea bag, and a $5 Starbucks giftcard : ) just in time for Frappuccino Happy Hour. Then I skyped my best friend in the whole wide world for like two hours. It was so great to catch up! We are VERY excited for Vegas at the end of the month!!  Caught up with SMASH and watched some Downton Abbey after dinner. Rounded out the evening making cookies and hanging with my fave guys in 310 and 313. Sweet night! ; ) haha


Nothing terribly exciting happened today… But we had an awesome BLOCK Party dinner/bbq with all the housing people! It was loads of fun, tasty, and they played great music! We all hung out together chillin’ around campus until the softball game. We (our team) won! Yay! I also had this ‘tattoo’ today.

Friday           MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU!!!

Chill day. I love not having school on Fridays! A group of us went to Starbucks to celebrate 1/2 price frappuccinos. The place was a mad house! But it was still super fun : ) I mostly just lounged around the dorms studying and reading. Everyone has decided to go home this weekend. Most of our group is heading out.

Our bright, smiling faces! (This was at the beginning of the game)

Both our soccer teams lost tonight. It was really rough. Probably because both out teams were missing 3 people… So we drank after. Fun times with 310 : ) No roomie for the weekend! Now who can I invite over… haha


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