Monthly Archives: July 2011

New Shoes!


These are my second-newest-pair of shoes

M thinks wearing them like this with my skinny jeans folded up makes me “look like a soccer mom”

I love them! And think they look cool 





I have a roommate! Yay for not being shoved in with some random-crazy-roommate!


Thanks to UCD on fb I found a great gal to room with!

Now the crazy story:

1. We started talking and decided the other was pretty chill and would be fun to room with.

(Fun times to come include baking adventures and movie nights)

2. We requested and confirmed each other on the housing website.

3. We talk more (getting to know you, getting to know all about you…) and talk about our families.

4. She is a TWIN with an older brother! I am a TWIN with a younger brother! She lives by my grandma too…

*moral of the story: small world, eh? and we will work great together!

Also, her name is C and her fave colour is purple. Awesome sauce.


Hello world!



This is a blog mostly for me to write about moving off to college :)

So…some info about me:

~ a twin

~moving to Davis, CA

~loves baking and will miss having a kitchen (a lot!)

~super excited to leave the house!

That’s it for now, I’ve got to get ready for two parties!