Looooooooooooooooooooooooong time, no see…

Since we last spoke many many many things have happened, here is a list:

– Mafalda has joined my ‘family’ (a 1996 Oldsmobile in old-lady gold)

– I moved again! Cutest walk-able East Bay town.

– More jobs applied/denied/accepted/quit/kept. Currently a florist and server.

– I got engaged. We are moving. Maybe I should change the title to ‘moving over’?

– My hair was short (for me), but it is long again. I want to dye it, but weddings aren’t the place for crazy hair I’ve been told.

– I bought clothing that cost more than my car (wedding dress!)

– My posture has gone to pieces… Aunty Joyce would be horrified.

That’s all for now, let us see if I can start keeping this up more as life is changing again.

(silly thing won’t let me post photos right now :/ )


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