Long time, no see


Wow, it has been almost three months… Way too much to catch you up on. But a few awesome things so you don’t feel like you completely missed out:

-I survived Fall Quarter (barely) and had an amazing winter break

-I am officially activated into Sigma Alpha Sorority

-I am dating a boy that sings higher than me

-I have applied to jobs in SF, Zion, and Sac for after college already

-I dyed my hair blue last week

-I still have no job right now in town, though I’ve applied to at least three

A So Cal sunset from my last day there over break.

A So Cal sunset from my last day there over break.

We are now in week 5 of the quarter! Today I only had my Beethoven class. We are working on piano concertos. I love it. The final for that class is on the very last day, a Saturday. I e-mailed the prof to see about taking it early to extend my Spring Break, and she was already planning on doing just that! Score.

I applied for graduation after class. And signed up to walk in June. Woot! So. Excited. And found all my classes for next quarter, only five right now. I’ll tell you what they are after I get into them tomorrow.

Mexican rice was attempted for dinner. I have no cumin. My Mexican rice was white! And it made so much! When I saw the (maybe) 3/4 cup of leftover rice I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough. It ended up making almost three cups! I was almost really sad because I thought I had no refried bean, but I found them in the end. The burrito was tasty with cheese, olives, and sour cream added. Caught up on some Glee while I ate. Dishes. Brownies! Bones. Fire Ecology research. Now bed! zzzz….


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