Happy voting day!

Woke up early to study for my midterm. Blech. I finished it early of course. Smuts in lab.

Went home for lunch and voting. Woot!

Stopped by the Dean’s Office between Physics and ENH 102 to drop off my grad check to make sure I can graduate in Spring.

Had a lovely nap after that in the sun on the grass :)

Left ENH 102 early to catch a ride to JoAnn’s to buy fabric and batting for our Orbits! I really like the one we picked.

Rush home to register for Winter Quarter classes. Physics 1B, Fire Ecology, Intro to Evolution, and Beethoven. Yeah, I rock.

Rush downtown to meet the roomie at the movies. Roomie date seeing Pitch Perfect. Loved it! Except the dumb vomiting parts. Completely unnecessary. I have been listening to the soundtrack nonstop since then. I’ve got the songs memorized now.


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