Halloweekend pt2



Meeting with my adviser. I am on track to graduate in the Spring and we planned out my last two quarters!

I finished reading Perks of Being a Wallflower. Now I really need to see the film.

Cocoa with cinnamon :) and I got sucked into Pottermore…

Long chatting with two good guy friends.


Crazy day! Library. Study. Homework. Class. Work. Winery tour with the sisters. The woman in charge of the wine is an alum and gave us free wine to take home! She was super nice and I would love to intern there for the summer.

Toga party! We went as a house. First toga party ever. It was fun getting ready, I put braids and gold chains in my hair. Roomie and housemate left early and I met up with some other friends. We party hopped til 3AM, ending the night sneaking into the spa at a friend’s housing. Fun times!


I had to be at work by 6:30AM. Had a nice nap before going… I was on table duty this planting. The Provost came.

Men’s Soccer game against Sac State. We won! We got free Aggie scarves!

A sister’s birthday party! Met some great people had an awesome time. We played a game that is like King’s Cup mixed with Jenga. I stayed til midnight. Nice long ride home.


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