Happy Halloween!

I spent my whole morning painting my nails Wonder Woman-ish. They look so awesome! I don’t have a picture. They are alternating red and blue. Thumbs: diagonal stripe of gold stars. Index and Pinkie: line of gold dots along inside edge. Middle: the Wonder Woman symbol! Ring: gold star in bottom corner with gold dots on the sides. Pretty awesome.

I dressed up as a cowgirl for class which was boring. Lab was great though. My lab partner and I spent the whole time joking around with the boys across from us and making fun of their plants (in a nice-ish way). We all talked about Halloween plans. My lab partner is dressing as Rosie the Riveter and going bar hopping. One of the boys has a hydrology lab til super late. The other guy is going to a friend’s party. I was really fun, we all might make a pecan pie together before break…

I stopped by Safeway to get rent money but they denied my card. Arg! So I just bought Jiffy cornbread mix and had it as muffins with chili for dinner. Yum. Some of roomie’s friends from San Diego came over to stay for a week since they got kicked out of their house. They are both deaf, super nice, and great fun to hang with. They also have a little cute dog that we smuggled into our housing. (Fingers crossed no one finds out.) Then it started to rain!

My work friend called me to say a bunch of them are going out so I donned my long red coat over my costume and rode over. We went bar hopping. Our friends won a costume contest as French Kiss, think KISS with berets and Parisian style. We danced on stage. We drank Zombies. We watched a friend smoke for the first time at a house party. We all have class early in the morning. We had a thrilling Halloween.

I didn’t get home til 2:30-ishAM. Class is at 8AM. Wish me luck!


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