Lab Test


Good morning! I actually woke up to my alarm. But only had cold cereal for breakfast so I would have time to study for my lab quiz in PLP 120. Dressed in the cold and dark. Grabbed a muffin as I ran out the door. We had a speaker in lecture. She was cool I guess. I had such a hard time staying awake! And ate the muffin to keep my eyes open instead of saving it for a snack. The lab test was only 8 questions… :/ and we still had a lab after. It was pretty short though. Here is one of my experiments:

Needless to say, we got out early. Good thing. I had a mountain of physics homework waiting for me. Toasted sourdough, truffle cheese, turkey, and lettuce sandwich, pear, and candy for lunch. I eat too much candy and sugar. Way too much. Anywho, I finished my homework just in time to ride to class after dropping off the electricity bill. (I felt rich for like five seconds before I opened that bill…over $40! Now I am back to poor.)

Boring class. Hard to keep my eyes open. It is something about the light in that lecture hall… More homework due next class. I had a lovely time laying out in the sun reading between classes. ENH 102 was long. My friends didn’t come today. I spent most of class entering the Sigma Alpha girls into my phone and giving myself a tattoo.

When I got home, I decided to not make real dinner. Bad plan. I ended up eating a toasted sandwich, greek yogurt, a banana with Biscoff, toast with cream cheese and pomegranate jelly, iced tea, and some turkey wrapped around a bit of cheese. Then some candy. Bleh. I lugged all my school work stuff downstairs to study and do lab homework. That didn’t happen.

Ariel came over to have dinner with the roomie and her bf. Taco Tuesday. And we watched New Girl. We were supposed to go out to the $5 movies after but there were only really horrible scary films playing this late, so Ariel went alone with our friend Ruben. Next week we girls will go out to see Pitch Perfect (finally). Too bad the friend who was supposed to see it with me already went… Sucks for her.

I guess I should head to bed…maybe read a bit. I think I will make sausage gravy for breakfast. Maybe. For Halloween! And I need to decide if I will dress up for class tomorrow…hmm…


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