Free Pizza!


I overslept again this morning. x.x Not cool… Ran out the door as class started with a protein bar to eat in class. Other than my dramatic late entrance, lecture was chill. Apple diseases. In lab we found out that there is a huge lab test on Tuesday. The prof was surprised by it. We tried to have him to move it, but no luck. We did work on fruiting bodies of the fungi. Teeny mushrooms to all you laypeople. Everyone keeps thinking I am a grad student because I do my work so neatly and quick…strange. Thanks, I guess.

Home to check my e-mails, wash dishes, and make lunch. Nothing too thrilling. I had extra time so I stopped by Forever 21 on my way back to campus. So many awesome things! Cute black sneakers with little cherries or hearts on them. Sweaters with huge roses on them. Sequiny shirts, shorts, and skirts. I did find what I was looking for! I bought a blue skirt, only $3.99. awesome. I am going to sew or pin white stars on it for my costume.

Physics was. Midterms were returned. I did not do as well as I thought. Then I found out he messed up the grading and most of us didn’t get credit for a question we got right and like 10 people got credit for questions they missed. And he decided to fix that by making it out of 24 instead of 25. Not fair. Whatev, I will make it up on the next test. At least we got out early.

Nice chilling between classes. I laid out in the sun on my coat reading about pies and talking to my mom on the phone. Now I want to make a million pies and I am so excited for them to come up!

ENH 102 was about water today. Info I already know. It was good to have my friends actually come to class today. Next midterm: 3 weeks.

It was a rough ride home. My iPod died and it was soo windy! I am so not a fan of wind. Bleck. I checked my phone when I got back and I got a text from our housing about a Halloween party tonight in the Study Lounge. I had forgotten… Yay for free pizza and candy! There was some drama. Dumb people. Good pizza. Then I went back to work on my costume. I finished my tiara and wrist bands. I e-mailed my bff and expert to consult about shoe choices. I am so excited! I hope the party is good :)

Watched the Giants win again, Halloween Wars on Food TV, the new Beauty and the Beast tv show, and some tattoo reality show while going through my notes for different classes. So excited to clean tomorrow and see people, and carve a pumpkin! ttyl


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