Soils Midterm


Wow, I am just getting super creative with these titles aren’t I? I will try to make the next few more interesting…

I woke up at 6AM today so I could study enough to allow a break to attend the Whole Foods Opening! As my luck would have it, the rain started as I walked out the door. Nice, thanks. But nothing could deter me! I met the mayor and he said nice things about Davis and Whole Foods and them coming here. They made loaves to spell out D-A-V-I-S and I snagged a bite. Yum, second breakfast! I walked around for awhile, re-checking things out. I had planned on buying something for lunch there, but it was such a madhouse! Crazy full of people. I did kind of expect that though… Anywho, I decided to get Pinkberry for lunch instead.So many cute boys working today. So delicious! Coconut and Chocolate Hazelnut froyo with raspberries, pineapple, and kiwis. That needs to happen again when twin and mom are up. I studied a bit more while I munched.

Off to school! For more studying! The midterm could have been worse. It could also have been better. Oh well. My lab partner and I decided we will study together and a lot more for the next midterm. And speaking of lab…oi. The TA said don’t worry, this will be a short lab. Well, for us it wasn’t. Everything seemed to go wrong and I think we redid everything at least twice :/ But we still got out 30 minutes early! (And were the last group to leave…)

Home. Finally. I decided to relax a little since that was the last midterm of the week.  I watched and sang Evita, polished off the last of the mac’n’cheese and applesauce (note to self: not a big fan of corn with mac’n’cheese), watched the Giants win the first game of the Series, watched Supernatural cause I heard Milo Green () as I flipped through the channels, and watched Nashville. And so you don’t think I am a complete goof off, I did study my notes and drink many cups of tea through all of that.

But now it is late, school is early tomorrow, and Halloweekend starts tomorrow night! Woot!


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