Physics Midterm


Early morning…Chocolate cereal from mom for breakfast. It is only 49°F. Time to break out those leggings!

PLP 120 was fun, we are covering more general fungi while one of the profs is in China. My lab partner is back! He was in LA actually for some pre-med thing. Normal inoculations and isolations and out early! I used my extra hours to study physics. The prof gave us a long practice test to help us study, so I did all those problems hiding from the cold in the library. Cherry almond Brübar for lunch. I finished right on time, 15 minutes before the midterm. I feel really good about it. I am hoping for an A :)

Crosswords and sudoku until ENH 102. I did not do as well as I hoped on that midterm. Oh well, there are three more to bring my grade up. We are on to bigger picture things in that class. Good thing. I am not a fan of everything on the cellular level.

Home and I finally get to check my e-mail. I got invited to a pumpkin carving with the girls on Friday… Seriously? Why does everything happen at once? Last weekend was so laid back. Party Friday, planting Saturday morning, party Saturday night, Hullabaloo on Sunday. Short, sweet, and no rushing or deciding which to do. But this weekend…House cleaning, family visiting, Halloweekend, party invites every night, pumpkin carving, plantings, work, fun things to be doing all the time! The weekend is sure to be exciting to say the least :)

Anywho. Just leftover mac’n’cheese with peas tonight. And all I did tonight was study for the SSC 100 midterm tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Just a short break for New Girl. Back to studying. Shower. Excitement for tomorrow, if I have time. Whole Foods opens tomorrow morning! I am going to the bread-breaking for a study break. There is also a cooking class on campus but it is right exactly before my midterm, when I should be studying. So we’ll see how I feel around that time. Now time for sleep so I can get up super early to get back to studying. Joy. Rapture.


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