Still Monday


Good morning! It is raining! Perfect weather for a sunny fried egg and toast. The roomie and bf have been up all night writing papers…still up while I made breakfast. Looks like a day for many layers.

Wet ride to the Corp Yard for work. Got there early and waited forever for Jon, a boy I work with. Bossman finally called him and found out he’d e-mailed saying he wasn’t going in cause of midterms. Lame. So I set off alone with the cityman. We finished our flagging in under an hour. Sweet. And the last house we went to had the most gorgeous cinnamon and golden roses, they even smelled lovely warm and spicy. I can’t wait to plant there and ask the homeowners about the flowers. Ride over to the office to polish the blog, enter team leader information, and sift through the Cool Davis sign-ups.

Main reason today was not so good: hole in my sock!

There was a speaker in SSC 100 while the prof is out at a conference. Bleh. But the guy was pretty good. I am really not looking forward to the midterm on Wednesday. Like really really. I really need to keep my grades up. Guess what though! I am taking 18 units this quarter. How did that happen? Last time I checked, it was like 15… Cool I guess.

Home for a snack lunch and physics homework. Then time to meet the bossman to walk the neighborhoods. We were trying to confirm for plantings this Saturday. Everyone said, “It is up to the landlord, sorry.” Except one guy who said, “Don’t you put anything in my yard!” and slammed the door in our face. First truly rude person either of us has met in Davis. Most people here are super chill, nice, and helpful. (When they aren’t trying to run you over.) Planned out the rest of the work week. I don’t have to go in on Wednesday and we might go to Costco on Friday!

The hole sock was okay because my awesome neon zebra socks were on under :)

Time for dinner. So hungry. Mac’n’cheese, applesauce, and green beans. I don’t even remember the last time I had/made mac’n’cheese…. It was so good, cozy, cheese. Caught up on some TV shows while I ate. And the Giants game. Woot! They won! Pretty jazzed. I ♥ San Francisco. And then back to physics to study. The midterm is tomorrow. We get a notecard to put whatever we want on it. I couldn’t even fill up one side. I did not write small. Cool.

Guess I should turn in… I am planning on staying the whole day at school, not coming home for lunch. Hopefully the extra study time will be good. ttfn


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