Awesome Sunday


Ah! Today was so great! Finally got home at 4AM. Sleep. Sleep is so good. Waking up at 8AM not so much. Kept putting myself back to sleep until 10:30. Got a call from the roomie, we’ll bring your bike back to the house. Yay! Now I don’t have to walk two miles to pick it up : ) As soon as the roomie and bf get back , we’re off to the Harvest Hullabaloo! The new Whole foods coming in is putting on an event for the community to meet the vendors (and get free samples!). The first thing we did when we got there was ‘Bling Your Bike’.

And of course we took our bling-ed bikes to the ‘photo booth’. So yeah, there are our lovely bikes! We walked all around the whole place collecting goodies and snacks and taste tests and coupons! So many tasty things to buy when the store opens. We met up with Ariel for a bit and Kait for a bit. Then we had to head home for real life…

I stopped off at Starbucks for a large free chai tea/pumpkin spice latte. Best thing ever. It lasted me til dinner. I was going to do my homework but decided my room was too messy. Cleaned room. Decorated closet. Organized swag. Researched Halloween costume ideas. Gave myself another tattoo. I love Wonder Woman. I do not love the new outfit for the new show.

Leftover rice and peas eaten from the bag for dinner. More procrastinating then a mad rush to get ready for the ΣΑ event. I got SO windy and I got there a minute late. But other girls were later, so it was okay. We were blindfolded and driven away by actives.

*CENSORED* I can’t tell you anything else under pain of death! Not really, but we aren’t allowed to talk about it with non-sisters. (Little cult-ish, but I like them : ) and their motto or song or hymn or whatever is super cool and talks about Ruth and God which was unexpected and neat.)

My bid box and invite, the pin, the mum, and some origami flowers I made today :)

We returned to campus for cake and snacks. I rode home and it started raining like fifteen minutes later. Good timing or what? We all ran outside to bag our seats and cross our fingers that our awesome license plates are still lovely tomorrow. I am so looking forward to biking in the rain the next few days… Time for more sleeping but I don’t want to turn the music off! Or stop singing! I think I am addicted… Could be worse!


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