Whole Foods!


Lovely breakfast, fried egg and toast, and book to start the day : ) Then off to Whole Foods in Davis! It is opening on Wednesday. I am totally going to the bread-breaking ceremony! How cute is that? Instead of a ribbon-cutting.

I took a backstage tour (I totally typed bakestage just now…) and it was awesome! I am so excited for it to open! Learned tons. Tasty lamb bite from Pozzi Ranch and met Mr Pozzi himself. Saw Black Forbidden Rice, totally making this. Spooky chips.

Three Twins ice cream. Gelato. So many tasty frozen things. Then… The cheese counter!

It was amazing! And they are so nice. They will cut a wedge to order. They will give you a taste if you ask. They do cheese wheel cutting parties. I think it is time for me to make that 5-cheese macaroni and cheese… There is the awesome bakery section next to the cheese and a teeny coffee shop space next to that. After the tour I had to return my lanyard in exchange for a goodie bag. I was a little sad cause I liked those lanyards and didn’t check out the bag, but it was heavy. We got wrap slices and fruit for snacking, delicious! End of tour and outside we went. And who should we see right out the door? Mary’s Free Range Chicken. They were top rated by Cook’s Illustrated in this month’s magazine! And I met the Mary. She was so nice and told us all about what they do. I got her recipe for Butter/Lemon/Garlic Chicken. Sounds easy and delicious. Eek! Time to run to class, no time to go home for my notebook.

I got to class half an hour early. Maybe I could have made it home… Oh well, it gave me time to check out the goodie bag. It was full of food! I will list if off…

1 lb Fusilli

25 oz jar Organic Pasta Sauce

Svelte Spiced Chai drink

Hint Strawberry-Kiwi water

Thayers Rose Petal Toner

Real Deal Snack Mix

Plentils Margherita Pizza Crisps

Kind Protein Bar

Justin’s Maple Almond Butter

Choice Green Tea

California Olive Oil

Guayaki Yerba Mate

Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree

And some coupons.

Wow. They rock! I can put off grocery shopping for another week. And time for class. I found a bit of paper to take notes on. Nothing very exciting in SSC 100, soil atmosphere. Oh man! I totally forgot the homework was due today. Darn, there goes my afternoon.

Home to do that pesky homework. I posted about the Whole Foods tour on fb and they re-posted it on their page and gave me a shout out! Cool! Back to school to turn in said hw and go the the SSC 100 review session. I could not stay focused on that soil information. The midterm is going to be rough.

Home for dinner, sewing, riddles with the house people after our mini-meeting, catching up on tv shows missed during rush. It’s late, maybe I should turn in… What? You say that party is finally starting? Let’s go! ttfn


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