First Midterm


I woke up at 6AM to study for a midterm. What has UCD done to me?! (haha it rhymes!) I used to never wake up early to study. Like ever. I did get my study guide finished though.

PLP 120 was fun. We are getting into Powdery Mildews. Fun stuff right there. My lab partner was gone today. So was Tim’s. (that guy I think likes me) What a coincidence. We worked together and I still finished before him! There is an ongoing joke about me being faster than him. I even did some of the work twice so my lab partner will have materials to work with next week. Whatevs, it’s cool.

Home for studying, lunch, and notes. Boring.

Physics was great as always, but I still haven’t been able to meet up with the girl I met at ΣΑ… We will sit together someday! We have a test on Tuesday! I am not worried, but I will still study. To be a good student.

More studying. Meh! More studying.

Midterm time! It could have been worse. It could have been better. It took me half an hour. On my way to my bike I ran into one of the boys! It was so great to see him and get an awesome hug : ) Brightened my day after that midterm. We should hang out more.

I spent an hour making these oven-roasted garlic potato fry-things and ranch dip. It was only going to be my appetizer but I was so hungry and tired by the time they finished that I didn’t make anything else. Skype chat with mom while eating dinner. More planning of their visit.

Went downstairs to put away leftovers and discovered that a friend from last year was sick. The roomie and I made him soup and a cookie and rode 2.5 miles to visit. He has a nice place. We got a tour and caught up a bit. His housemate Kait got home from work and we watched some Arrested Development. Yeah, it was a little funny but I don’t think I will watch it again. Oh, and Kait looks exactly like my Auntie Kristen with a little bit of a friend Polly around the eyes. It was strange. And she is nice, we invited her to a party tomorrow with us.

Home. Nashville. Sleep.


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