Bid Night


Lovely slow morning. No rushing to work since today I work form home. So cool! I worked on the blog, making it more personal and story-like and adding pictures. Only bad thing about working at home: when you finish your assignment, that is it you’re done working. I only worked for an hour and a half. But I will be working for ages on Saturday at the planting. I read today’s lab assignment. Ooh! I am going on a behind the scenes tour of Whole Foods before it opens! I got a ticket today and will go on Friday. Should be fun : )

SSC 100 was boring. I don’t know how I will ever learn/remember all the crazy information he tells us : / So many new words! Field trip for lab. I thought we were going to leave right at time. We didn’t, so I painted my nails. (They look like Cinderella’s dress and now I want to be her for Halloween.) We took vans out to the location, I went with the TA. She is now a grad student, double majored in music and German. Played the cello as a performance major before switching to music history. And now she’s a grad student in soil science… Anywho, the trip was informative. My lab partner is gone for a water skiing tournament so I worked alone and with the TA. It was rough all the stand sit squat climb down in a hole to collect samples since I am really sore from field hockey last night. We did what we came to accomplish, saw chickens and pretty ducks, and got a tasty chocolate dipped decorated pretzel snack. Back to the lab to water my little ‘crop’.

I rode sore and slow against the wind home. Happy to have my 2 little basil stems from the Salad Garden by the PES Building. Found the lights on again. Really starting to piss me off… So I made cookies to chill out. Delicious! Wasn’t feeling much for dinner yet so I worked on my new work shirt for Saturday.

Still very much a work in progress and I hope I finish at least this little vine by work. I like it so far : ) Wasn’t much hungry, too nervous about tonight so I just warmed up the last of my rice and chicken for dinner while I chatted with the roomie. Then I got ready for the final ΣΑ Rush event (Bid Night, but we didn’t know it yet). My hair was super crimpy from being braided…made for a great picture I’m sure…

We met up at PES for a ride to the event in South Davis. Our ride was one of my favorite sisters, Erica. She had boy-short hair, is really fun, and listens to good music. The event was an ice cream sundae deal. Yum! We all had fun chatting and munching with the sisters and hopefuls. Then it got kind of quiet… We got called up one by one and given our bid into the sorority. This is what we each got. (though some got squares or octagons instead)

So cute! So in the box are instructions if we would like to accept the bid. (Um, yes!) All of us rushees gathered in a circle to open and read them. We are all super jazzed and excited for Sunday! You will find out about it soon enough : )

Back home to study (cram) for tomorrow’s midterm. Not feeling ready at all. I won’t get to do anything fun tomorrow except study : / Well I should get back to that or sleep… mmmm sleep is good.


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