Field Hockey


Fresh bread! I woke up this morning surrounded by the smell of just finished warn bread. A.mazing. But it did try to escape the machine… It was all smooshed up against the top little window. And it tasted perfect. I hacked it up with a steak knife (the closest thing I had to a bread knife). I put half in the freezer for later and ate almost a quarter with butter for breakfast with a cookie and milk…. I need to get some fruit or something, going to catch scurvy.

We had a speaker in PLP 120 and a quiz in lab. I totally forgot the name of the bacteria for the first question. First person finished and read my awesome pasta book til every one else finished. We inoculated apples and moved bacteria colonies. My lab partner will be gone on Thursday… And we got out early!

I went to the Safety Davis thing in the quad after lab where I met my new friend Ellen. We got shirts, hats, bags, and stickers after watching a helicopter land right by us. So cool! But they wouldn’t let us go up to it because they were talking to all the fire department guys. Fun times.

Back home for pb&j on home bread. So delicious with homemade jam. Then back for physics. Turned in homework and tried to stay awake learning about acceleration and Newton’s Laws. zzzzz…. I got to read the paper before my next class and Tree Davis was in it! And a quote from one of the guys I work with. Pretty cool. Midterm on Thursday in ENH 102. Bleh. I need to do and study the study guide. asap.

Home for leftover orange chicken, rice, and peas dinner. Then…field hockey! I caught a ride over with an ex-suite-y and quickly found out how un-sporty I am. I had to go in bright plaid shorts and a tie-dye shirt because those are my most athletic clothes. They warmed up by running 2 laps around the Aggie Stadium. I only did one and caught my breath during the other : / I joined them for all kinds of stretches and things. Then I found out how much field hockey I didn’t remember as we went through drills and one-on-ones. Ex-suite-y was also a newbie and we were put on the sidelines to practice drives, push shots, and dribbling while the rest of the team played. We were passable by the end! Mostly. But I can’t actually join the team because the games are during work for me. I might keep going just to warm up with them as a ‘work-out’.

The roomie got in a bike crash with her boyfriend! Scraped elbow and bruised knee. He felt so bad, and it is her birthday, he made her dinner. Poor her, but I probably smell… Best shower ever! I was completely drenched. Ew. I settled down to work on labs and homework when she came bounding (not really, she’s moving kinda slow, being so banged up) up the stairs super excited. Her bf made her a cake! He has never made a cake before. It is chocolate with blueberry filling and white frosting. Chilled and tasty. We all hung out and chatted til way too late…no time for labs now. Time for sleeping!


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