Happy Birthday Roomie! Almost…


Tomorrow is my roomies 23rd birthday! But I have work, so I will make her tasty things later.

For work we met 2.5 miles from my house. Then drove back to flag places for tree planing. We seriously drove on my street, past my house…. Well it is good exercise. After we finished flagging, notating, and distributing door hangers it was back to the office. I worked on our blog. The bossman is very into editing. And re-editing. Maybe we will get this finished and out by Thursday. Maybe we won’t…

Ssc 100 was boring. Midterm next week. Study sesh on Friday. Field trip in lab on Wednesday. I should water the plants…someday. I had a delicious cupcake from Sift for lunch! Battle Royale. Almond cake with a blueberry tequila filling, topped with acai berry cream cheese frosting. I LOVE almond cupcakes. True story.

Laundry! I have put it off way too long! Luckily I found a little present from mom of $4 in quarters so I did all my laundry. (Even the stuff that people borrowed and said they would wash.) The washers here are top-loading and don’t have directions/how long it takes. I winged it.   The dryers run pretty hot, next time I will remember and set them way lower. I think I walked over to the laundry room ten times to check if things were done. Someday I will figure it out. It is so lovely to have clean fresh laundry! Physics homework was attempted during the laundry endeavor. It wasn’t hard, I was just very distractable. Maybe half of it got done. The rest of the day was spent skyping my other self (haha). We planned out some of her visit up here with mom. Sift, wine tasting, Farmer’s Market…fun things!

I think I ate dinner…but I couldn’t tell you what it was. I am losing my memory : / Oh, wait! I think I had the last of my leftover rice, orange chicken, and half-frozen green beans. And I watched The Little Mermaid 3, Ariel’s Beginning. It was awful! There were two new songs. One sung by the nanny who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with really lame words. And one sung by Ariel’s mom which was mostly “la, la, la, la, la….” but the tune was nice and so was the singer. Ach. I did expect more but oh well.

Then I made these cookies for the roomie! They are really good. I was a little unsure about the oil in them, but it was tasty and they stayed lovely chewy and soft.  I think she will love them! She did request chocolate chip cookies. Maybe next time I will try it with coconut oil….

I also started up some ‘dad bread’ so it will be ready when I wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I am using a new brand of yeast so we will see how that turns out. Yum! Night!



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