Weekend away


Best weekend ever!


I woke up at 5AM, had some breakfast, packed up a little food, and was out the door before 6. It was still dark and kind of strange to be riding around and wishing for a light. My train was scheduled to leave at 6:50AM. I got in and found out the train was running almost an hour late. What?! The nice lady at the counter offered to change my ticket to an earlier Coast Starlight, the shnazzy train. It ended up being cheaper and I used the difference toward my return ticket, which I decided to buy then to avoid a snafu later. Got my assigned seat aboard at 7:20AM.

I sat next to a dad-aged man with a guitar. He was on his way to Big Sur to hike in the mountains. He was a church man, wanting to become a missionary. We talked church, worship music, doctrine, and life. His wife died a few years back and he has a son my age. It was a good ride.

My connecting bus was late. I was supposed to get into the city by 9:50AM. The bus left after 9:30, the trip takes over half an hour. We finally get underway and cross the Bay Bridge. Oh wow. I love this city!! I saw rooftop gardens and beautiful apartments. Mine was the second stop, and I made my way to Café de la Presse to meet my bff, his bf, and our lovely Grace for breakfast. Well I kind of missed breakfast because the bus was late and just nibbled some toast. It was so wonderful to catch up with them! We walked back to their hotel and hung out with the resident pug while they brought the car around. Then we set off for Sonoma College.

The ride was such fun. We stopped by the SF Opera  (where Grace auditioned yesterday!) to get a ticket for Moby Dick. As we drove through the city, we passed through gorgeous neighborhoods and decided we will all move here asap. We talked about all manner of interesting and strange things. We played a prank on the friend we were heading to see. She forgave us.

We made it just in time for the Collage Concert. All the ensembles got to perform and two of my friends had solo performances. The only weird piece wan an improve with the percussion ensemble involving newspaper. Too new-agey. We skipped out of the last three numbers to enjoy the glorious warm sunshine outside. The new Green Music Center at Sonoma is lovely!

Lunch at a Greek-ish place, then goodbye to bff, bf, and Grace. Miss you all! Sonoma friend and I went to Sift to meet up with her parents. I got a Samoan Whoopie Cookies and a teal Earl Grey Macaron. She got a Tres Leches cupcake and a Pinking of You cupcake. Yum. Then the four of us went wine tasting at Simi Winery. Delicious. We tried 5 lovely wines. Quick! Back to town to get ready for another concert. This one was a Canadian soprano, Karina Gauvin. Every piece was in French except the 2 encores. She was good, but a little quiet. I wasn’t a fan of her dress…baby blue silk, asymmetrical. We went home planning on having people over for mojitos and chillin’. Ended up making egg-less cookie dough and tea and watching Halloweentown. I went out with another friend after. We stayed up way too late, listening to records, talking about music and life. Fun times. It was good to catch up and hang out.


We were going to make breakfast for the parents but ended up going out. And our cello friend came along. I really like hanging out with him, he bakes and plays cello. Perfect ; ) Our food was delicious. Said goodbye to the parents and the cello friend. Off to Petaluma for shopping! We looked for Halloween costumes (Sonoma friend is having an awesome costume party for Halloween). No luck. Stopped for smoothies at Juice Shack, they are way better than Jamba Juice. Stopped by Sift for more cupcakes. Home for packing and lunch. Quick, back to town to catch my bus home! Thanks for having me, can’t wait to come back!

The trip was uneventful. The train got into town late. That is a bad thing. I had my ΣΑ interview scheduled for 7:30PM. I was late. It was awful : / I felt so silly and like my answers were lame and dumb. Not my best moments. Cooled off by watching Once Upon A Time and Revenge. Meh, work tomorrow. I really need to do laundry. I smell like Sonoma.


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