Progressive Dinner


Happy Friday!

Work was pretty tame. I worked on our new blog. It is hard to find that balance of professional and fun.

Soil was boring. I watered our lab plants.

I had a meeting with an older professor who totally reminded me of my dad. Pretty funny. He agreed to be my faculty adviser/sponsor for my TD internship. I have to keep a journal of my work and turn it in at finals. That is why I have another blog! Don’t judge me. It is a work in progress.

Back home to pack for Rohnert Park! I didn’t get much packing done…reading and stuff. And getting ready for the ΣΑ Progressive Dinner. We had to dress up cocktail-ish. I have nothing resembling a cocktail dress and it is like 50°F outside. I wore thick grey tights, grey boots, a purple sweater dress, and a rabbit-fur coat. I didn’t freeze! I was having a bad hair day so my hairstyle ended up interesting. Deep side part french braid, the rest in a pony tail and braided, then both braids wrapped and twisted around each other. Everyone thought it looked great : ) It was lots of fun! Appetizers at Katie’s, pink lemonade and very crunchy crostini. We talked about running over squirrels, our pets, and bike accidents.  Main dish at Diana’s, lasagna and salad. We talked about music, bands and concerts. Dessert at Erica’s, grapes, sugar and chocolate chip cookies, ans apple slices to dip in this amazing dip of sweetened cream cheese. caramel, and crumbled Heath bars. We listened to people’s stories and talked about places we have lived. Super fun night! They said to check our e-mails tomorrow…

Then I rode home late. Brrr… Called my bff to figure out travel plans. Bought a train ticket to San Francisco! I love San Fran! I am so excited to see people and travel! Ach, it is so late already and I still need to shower and pack! ttfn!


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