Good morning it is so cold! I thought I was going to freeeeeeze on my way to school in only a t-shirt and a sweater. Time to break out the real jackets. PLP 120 was fun today. We learned about Oomycetes! (water molds) Fun stuff man. All these diseases I thought were caused by fungi are actually caused by the oomycetes. We inoculated all sorts of things in lab and a grad student commented on how nice my bacteria streak plate was. Awesome. It was my first time. I like this class so far (we have our first quiz on Tuesday…that may change my mind). We finished early so I went home to have leftover pizza for lunch.

Yum! Ranch! Pineapple! I didn’t feel like studying (and I forgot I have homework due tomorrow) so I made Lemon Squares. But I didn’t have enough butter, so I used some margarine, and I used some whole wheat flour in the crust, that was different. They did not turn out as amazingdelicious as the Lime ones, but they were still tasty. Back to school for Physics after dishes.

Physics is actually pretty fun. The prof always does cool examples, like from action films or current events. It gives the information a ‘maybe we could actually use this in real life’ feeling. I should probably start on the homework…

Chillin’ with the newspaper, doing sudoku, and listening to The Doors, Barenaked Ladies, and The Police waiting for ENH 102. That class felt so long today! I was so antsy and ready to leave by the time lecture actually started. Oi. I doodled a lot. And fidgeted more. When it ended (early thank goodness) I was out so fast, rode to the library, and got home before the class was supposed to end. Awesome. Oh, I got The Little Mermaid 3 from the library! So excited to watch it. It will probably suck. I wish I was a mermaid. Actually, the other day I told someone that I would like nothing better than to be a glittery mermaid when I grow up. True story.

Leftover rice and teriyaki chicken with peas. I think that is the first time I ate vegetables all week… Oops. I love vegetables. Hard core. Lemon square for dessert. Then back to school for the penultimate ΣΑ rush event. I almost died. Some dumb chick turned into me and missed squashing me by about two inches. No joke. I could have punched her without even reaching. She was that close. Oi…

Crafting! I hope I get a bid…like really super a lot. So our craftiness was hemp bracelets. The only problem was that most of the sisters didn’t know how to make them. Nobody thought to check. I ended up teaching three sisters how to make them, finishing my own early, and making one for a sister that couldn’t attend the event. It was loads of fun being crafty with all these awesome girls and listening to country music. Some of them offered me a ride home because they live near me, but I rode my bike and need it to be at home so I can get to work in the morning : / Maybe next time. But I did have a nice chill ride home with good music.

Cottage cheese and strawberry jam snack with a book. I suppose I should have been working on homework or studying or my intern-for-credit paperwork… Too bad, time for sleeping!


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