Scavenger Hunt


Good morning! I made a tasty oatmeal ‘cookie’ for breakfast. Yum.

Work started out with me and one of the guys walking all over town measuring tree circumferences. People were giving us weird looks. We got dusty and sticky. We talked about school, growing up, and the ‘real life’ that is fast approaching. We finished a little early, got Starbucks, and chilled til the bossman returned from his meeting. Then back to the office to calculate the value of said trees to the city of Davis. Trees are so great!

I don’t remember most of SSC 100 lecture… I was doing the pre-lab and reading through the procedures for the afternoon lab. In the lab we saturated our soil, thinned our barley ‘crop’, picked the Munsell colour of our soil, and tried to figure out the sand/silt/clay ratio by feel and by hydrometer. Playing with dirt is fun : ) My lab partner and I made and decorated a mud pie with our sample. We rock.

Stopped by home to drop off school stuff and get my purse. Then Wootstock’s! The UCD club field hockey team was doing a fundraiser. Yum. I got Hawaiian with olives, made new friends, and was invited to join the team. Practice starts on Tuesday. I plan to be there : )

Mad dash back to campus for the rush scavenger hunt. (Today is the 14th aniversary of this chapter’s charter.) We broke up into groups and ran all over campus figuring out clues and taking so many pictures! The team I was on won. Awesome! We won candy…haha

I got home just in time for the premiere of Nashville. I love country music! I like Hayden, but her character is awful. And I really like the waitress girl and the way she sings. I hope the show is good.

Went by the study lounge after to print some notes. Longest wait for printing of my life! I sat around waiting for silly girls to finish for half an hour. Bah. Ridiculous. I almost could have hand-written out my notes by then… Oh well. Little reading til midnight : )


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