Speed Dating


Ach. I overslept this morning. Through 2 alarms. Completely missed my first class and didn’t wake up til 9AM when mt roomie came in and asked, “Didn’t you have class at 8?” Ran out the door with no breakfast and still half asleep. Made it to class only 15 minutes late where the guys would not let me hear the end of it… Thanks guys. But we did get through our lab pretty quick so I rode back home for breakfast around lunch time. Tasty chocolate waffle with the last of the strawberries and greek yogurt.

I set up a meeting with one of the Environmental Horticulture professors to be sponsored in my internship to get units! Awesome. I get paid and get school units. Hard boiled egg for lunch then back to school for class with a detour by the library to return a million things.

Physics was physics. I am not lost yet. ENH 102 was so long and boring. I drew on a cool tat but forgot to take a pic before showering so…maybe a bad pic tomorrow. We also played Photosynthesis Jeapordy. My side won. Quick ride back home for dinner and changing into ‘business attire’ for ΣΑ’s rush event tonight.

Made it in plenty of time in my slacks and green shirt. We had an informative slide show about the sorority and how things work. Then…speed dating with all the sisters. It was loud and a little crazy but super fun to talk with most of them and get to know everyone better. We totally ran over and didn’t get to chat with every sister like they wanted but it was good : ) Tomorrow is a scavenger hunt! So excited! There is also an event for the Club Field Hockey team that I am so going to. Awesome. Which totally reminds me of the craziness that this weekend might be… Everything I want to fit in:


-Morning work


-ΣΑ rush dinner


-Run a booth at Cool Davis for Tree Davis (9AM-noon)

-ΛΟΞ rush event (noon)

-Choir concert in Sonoma (1PM)

-Visit with my bff and his bf

And I would have to fit a 2 hour train/bus ride in there somewhere… It will definitely be a full weekend. I also really need to do laundry…

I love living! I mean living here in this great place listening to great music and reading great books and not having midterms yet, only a little homework and reading, and field trips.

Stay classy San Diego! ; )


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