I made this for breakfast! So tasty!

Mine didn’t look quite as pale though and I think I may have microwaved it a teeny bit too long. Next time, only a minute. Tomorrow will be almond joy oatmeal : ) As long as it doesn’t need milk…I ran out this morning : /

I caught up on some Bones and read some new cookbooks from the library until my bestie’s memorial service. They streamed it online from Alaska. It was so horrible to see that coffin and know one of my best friends was in there and gone forever. I was glad no one was home to see me crying. It was good to ‘see’ everyone there.

I ate a baked potato and chocolate ice cream to perk me up for a late lunch. 5 Star Day is an interesting film…Lydia from P&P and James from Twilight. But it was ok.

Once Upon A Time and Revenge with a white dinner (cottage cheese and an egg). I am also reading a cool book about eating semi-organic and affordable. Pretty good so far. Then a cool show called Broadway: The American Musical it is narrated by Julie Andrews and this episode was called  ‘Give My Regards to Broadway.’ It covered the beginnings of Broadway, the Follies, I. Berlin, and all those great guys.

Now I just need to decide, Knight’s Tale or sleeping….

</3 ♥


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