Woot! Happy Friday!

Chocolate waffles with strawberries and a library run before work. Everyone was in this morning. I worked on designing our new t-shirts and making pamphlet-things for when we do plantings. But the pamphlets needed to be done in Adobe. I have never used Adobe. I have watched my twin do amazing things with it. I was actually able to make it do what I wanted (mostly). Must have been through the magical twin connection… Twin! You need to open up our mental connection more so I will be better at this!

SSC 100 (Soil Sciences) was boring. My lab partner was gone on a meet in San Diego for water skiing.

A cool tat for a night on the town

Home for the rest of season 2 of the OC and the missed episodes of Glee. Some awesome music! Then…

Out to party and bar hop for the housemate’s 21st bday! Tried a lot of cool new things, met some cool new people, and went some cool new places. It was a blast! Bday boy hardly lasted the night. He is going to feel this in the morning. And maybe tomorrow too. He had a cute friend visit from Santa Rosa. What is it with cute guys and Santa Rosa?

Anywho, peace out!

</3 ♥


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