Long Day


Strange dreams. Early morning. Chocolate waffles with strawberries and greek yogurt, best breakfast ever.

I think the guy I met on the PLP 120 field trip likes me. He sat by me in lecture and was sad when the seat next to me was taken in lab. Interesting…

Lunch and reading with roomie on break. We need to have a chat with our housemate.

Physics was fun. The hw got postponed again and the midterm might be on the 16th.

More reading on Katherine.

Sat with friends in ENH 102 and chatted a bit in class. We also got out super early : )

Grilled ham and cheese with avocado and lettuce, zucchini spears on the side for dinner. Yum.

Suite-ie over for The OC and Glee. I can’t believe everyone is breaking up?! And taking a month long hiatus. Lame.

Watched Il Trittico. I should study or work on homework… Peace out.

</3 ♥


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