Rent was due two days ago…yeah… So that was the first order of business this morning after a chocolate waffle breakfast. Well actually I was just getting my bit of the rent together by stopping by Safeway and also getting teriyaki : ) Quick stop by Starbucks for tea on my way to work. Lots of mostly boring work from 9-noon. A little fun playing around with t-shirt ideas and designs. Then class.

DIRT! I know the prof hates when we call it dirt, but seriously? After lecture we had our first lab. Sifting dirt. Feeling dirt. Playing in mud. Planting barley seedlings. I like dirt much more than soil.

Then off to the Farmer’s Market for free gelato from Onward California! (A group promoting the UCs)

As you can see, I got pistachio. I did not think it tasted very much like that lovely green nut. Oh well, it was free and cold and sweet : ) I walked past some strawberries and they smelled SO GOOD that I could not resist. I only bought one little green box though. And carries it around for the next 2 hours…

I rode back to campus for the Plant and Environmental Sciences BBQ. So delicious! (I totally forgot to eat lunch today) I made some new friends and we have class together! Physics. Joy. Maybe we will all sit together tomorrow… It was loads of fun hanging with PES major peeps and profs.

A leisurely ride home where I proceeded to have dessert!

I ate those beautiful strawberries with greek yogurt first. And then the candy corn didn’t taste as good. Oh well, I still like them sugary kernals : ) Watched some OC. Did a little internet stalking haha jk, just Pinterest and checking my million e-mails. I guess I should work on homework a bit or at least read… ttfn : )

</3 ♥


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