Field trip!


I know I have been gone awhile….rough couple of days. I will catch you up later. You will never know I’ve been gone.

Happy Tuesday! I don’t think I slept at all last night. weird. Anywho, after lecture this morning my Plant Pathology class went on a field trip! First we took a bus to the experimental farm. They grow all kinds of things, infect them, and try to cure it. It was cool. I ate some grapes. Then we took the bus to a ‘clean plant’ laboratory. It was awesome! Mostly they do work with grapes, roses, strawberries, and citrus. I would love to work there. It is one of three facilities in the US that can sell clean grape rootstalks. Then we walked next door to the plant pathology laboratory. (The lady who runs the clean lab fought tooth and nail to get the pathology lab built somewhere else. Makes sense…) So at the pathology lab they do research on insects, bacteria, and fungi that affect plants. It is a level 3 security facility. That mean nothing living can exit the building (except people of course). The have to shower before they go in and before they leave, can’t wear street clothes in (they actually aren’t allowed to bring in anything, there is a ‘naked only beyond this point’ sign in the locker rooms), and they can’t even take papers in and out, everything is electronic. Way crazy. Met a cool chatty blond guy named Tim. Bus back to school.

Quick ride back home for lunch, printing notes, and picking up teeny African Violets. Printer said low toner but still printed my notes. Sweet. Got a letter from Trader Joe’s. Thanks, but no thanks. Meh.  Quick ride back to school for physics. A cool lefty sat next to me and totally was watching me most of class…weird. Found out the hw I stayed up late doing isn’t due til next week. (Now I can party over the weekend! : ) ) Reading til ENH 102. Showed the prof my African Violets. All he said was to plant them in some potting soil. I am just so cool that I don’t even have to transfer them into a rooting medium. My friends didn’t sit with me today…weird.

Home for dinner. Sauteed some chicken and zucchini to have with leftover tri-colour spaghetti and wheat stalk bread. Started reading a book about Queen Katherine. Then an ex-suitemate came over to watch The OC until New Girl started. Fun times. I don’t want to do my pre-lab for tomorrow’s class…so I guess it will be more reading until bed : )

♥ </3


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