First day


Last night was rough. Nothing bad happened. I cried my self to sleep. I had more strange dreams. I have never been super roller-coastery. It was a new experience. Let’s not repeat it.

This morning was great! I set 2 alarms just to be sure, woke up to the first and hopped right out of bed. Breakfast of re-toasted chocolate waffles. (I was going to make fresh ones, but decided not to risk is at 6AM. Just in case.) I packed my lunch in a Star Wars tin lunch box, cause I am that cool. (PB&J, sliced apple, zucchini spears, hard boiled egg and teeny salt shaker, banana, and a fish cookie) Wow…kinda feel like a fatty after writing all that. But I didn’t end up eating it all and I was at school til 6PM. Anywho, school…

I rode over at 7:20-ish and 58°F. Brrr… And go to class by 7:30AM. What? Dude, I live over a mile from campus and my class was at least another half mile. Speedy Gonzales right here ; ) Fist class of Senior Year is Intro to Plant Pathology (PLP 120). The prof is Scottish!! I was so excited I immediately texted a friend back home. Totally makes 8AM worth it, and the class is fun. The lab is right after and goes til noon. Today we got into groups and researched different pathogens for two hours before briefing (presenting to) the ‘President’ (the other prof) for his UN summit. I picked the European Chestnut Blight for my group, which included 2 awesome grad students, 2 Dome girls, and 2 Asian guys. Ours was the best presentation. We were the only ones to make a power point (come on guys, you had two hours to put this together…) and it was nice looking. We have a field trip to the only BioHazard research lab-thing on the West Coast and it is one of the best in the country and we will visit on Tuesday. This class is going to rock.

Oh hello almost two hour break… I spent my time in the library in my old window on the third floor eating my lunch and reading about Italy and Morocco.

Physics was…interesting. I got upset after reading the syllabus and finding out I have to get a ‘clicker’ whatever that is. I heard other people complaining and saying what a waste of money, so I guess it is expensive. Gross. I also need to get my old graphing calculator back from the little bro. Then we proceeded to ‘learn’ about sig figs, conversion factors, and SI units… Well I guess it is an intro class, but really? I am excited to get into more interesting stuff later.

An hour break to read the paper and eat more of my lunch. Poor girl that died. I am so sorry for you and your family : (

I can never remember the name of my last class…PLS 102? Anyway, it is with a prof I had last year that I like. Mostly we went over his life story and some basic physiology of plants. Oh, two of my friends from other classes last year are in it! (We will totally sit together next class and tomorrow in our soils class.) They are also some of the only other people in my major. We talked to the prof after class about major stuff and our micropropagations of African Violets. We will bring them into class next week. I don’t think I will carry them around all day to the field trip and all. I will use my two hour break to run home and grab them.

I don’t have any recent pics, this is from August. They are HUGE now.

I came home, called mom, and made roasted brussles sprouts and a baked potato for dinner. It was good to chat with mom. I accidentally put greek yogurt on my potato instead of sour cream. That was different. I was going to watch The OC with dinner but the DVD player is on the fritz again : /

When the whole house got home we had a powwow meeting. We figured out some rules,about cleaning, messes, and loud sex (haha, jk); how to pay for things; and I made a spreadsheet for us to track all our money stuff. We are legit.

Then it was time for some physics homework. Bleh… I kept getting sidetracked, and it got late so quick that I ended up only having time to read the chapter and prepare my hw sheet. I need to shower and sleep so I will be ready for my interview and class tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


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