Full house


Today has been wild and crazy and chill.

I made cookies in the morning while the roomie and bf caught up on The OC before they left for Sac.
It is very hard to roll out dough that has been chilling for over a day… But they did turn out cute and tasty.

Schools of tropical fish, herds of dinosaurs, and flutters of butterflies invaded my kitchen!

My old suitemate came over again to watch The OC and she brought strawberry cake mix cookies. So delicious! They tasted like Jell-O. As soon as we started watching though, the last housemate finally arrived, with his mother, to move in! It is awesome to have him here finally, but strange at the same time. We kind of got used to only two of us in the house. Ah, well, adventures!

Then I received a phone call. I don’t know if you know, but I kind of applied to a paid internship with Tree Davis. They plant trees. In Davis. (If you couldn’t figure that one out ; ) ) Anywho, the guy called to set up an interview! On Friday. He wanted to do it tomorrow, but it will be a bit hectic with the first day of school and lots of classes. So yeah, fingers crossed. That would be two birds with one stone, a job and internship hours.

At 4:30PM we both left to be crafty. Her to make signs for her sorority and me to tie-dye with Catalyst. Ah, I love tie-dying! I had a lot of fun and got to talk to a guy I met yesterday. He’s like in my cousin major. Nice to have friends in my college : )

I also happened to dye my hands and fingers all sorts of blues, pinks, and greens… Awesome. But really I don’t mind. I think it makes me look cool and creative. And now people will think the bruises on my arms are just dye and ink. Cool : )

I helped the housemate ‘fing-shway’ his room a little. Hopeless. Bone-sigh! haha…inside joke. I decided that I should actually make dinner for tonight and tomorrow in case I don’t feel like cooking after class. Rainbow spaghetti, sauteed zucchini, and a spinach/fontina/chicken sausage. I think my first real meal turned out well.

Finished up the dist of The OC that we were on while eating on the floor. Speaking of, we are getting dining chairs next week! And we got a vacuum today. We are all so excited to vacuum the couches, and by we I  mean the roomie and I. I don’t think the housemate cares much…

After washing all the pots, pans, dishes, and packing up the leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner I packed up my backpack. Eeek! First days are always exciting. I was thinking of making my lunch now, but I would rather sleep and wake up a little earlier.

Time for sleep and wish me luck!


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