Happy Belated to Me


After a few episodes of OverHaulin’ (remember that show?!) I caught a ride home. Yay for not having to take an hour long bus ride! And mostly had a chill day. Snack. Reading. Pinterest. Breaking Pointe. Reading. Pinterest…

That started getting boring so I made sugar cookie dough from the Sprinkle Bakes cookbook. Tasty dough : ) It has to chill you know and that is when I discovered that I forgot to get plastic wrap! Oi. How will I survive this quarter? My brain is on permanent vacation… So it’s wrapped in foil in the fridge. Looks like a silver rock.

I do have wax paper and parchment paper. And Fluff. On my desk. Taunting me. Please! Eat me! I should make the little pygmy eat it…

Anywho, after dinner the roomie and I made yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting and flower sprinkles in honor of my birthday over the summer. Yum. Her bf and his friend stopped by after working out to help us eat them. How sweet : )

I got to skype an old friend! He is planning all kinda of exciting things, studying in Europe, Masters at Harvard, an apartment in the city… I wish him all the best and hope he still keeps up with music, I wish I had been able to.

And then I watched about a million movie trailers. So many to see! Les Mis : )

Sorry for the boring writing, night!


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