I made chocolate waffles for breakfast!!

It turned out way more exciting than I was expecting. I am practically out of cocoa powder. I set off the fire alarm! I practically incinerated one batch. I really do think waffles ought to be crunchy. Not like a pancake in the shape of a waffle. (Pancake in waffle clothing!) The second batch was perfect besides sticking like nobodies business. I ate my chocolate waffle pieces in a bowl with cubed bananas, greek yogurt, and maple syrup. Yum. And I have enough batter leftover in the fridge so I totally could make them again on the first day of school! Side note: Danish Creameries butter is so delicious! Or it might just be that I hadn’t had butter in like 4 days…

A good bit of my day was spent working on these cute guys. I haven’t decided if I will keep it of give it to our chicken friends from church… I also read about beautiful towns in Portugal. You know, I was kinda learning Portuguese last year. I don’t remember much except that the pronunciation is different than I expected (not like Spanish). And I watched lots of a ballet show. I wish we had never stopped ballet : /

After dinner (cheese and lettuce sandwich and zucchini spears with ranch) it was time for a frat part at AEPi with some friends. I have to tell you, I thought I looked pretty cool. Rockstar ponytail thing, skinny jeans, red top, and I totally did that smoky eye thing and it actually turned out!  Well the party was super lame. But we did run into some other friends who live across town now. They said let’s blow this popsicle stand (not really, but I would have said it) and I left with them to go bar hopping. The friends I came with couldn’t go, they are still only 20. It turns out though that only one fancy bar/restaurant is open in Davis at 11:30PM on a Sunday. Lame. So we drove to Safeway, picked up some supplies ; ) and went back to their flat. (Haha funny story: their complex is called Sharps and Flats) We played King’s Cup. I lost?! Won? First time ever…yuck. And we watched a Fast and Furious movie with some beautiful muscle cars. We girls crashed on the couches zzzz…


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