Moving in


Packing was a little rough. A few almost meltdowns. I have way too much stuff! How does this happen? But I managed to fit all my stuff into the truck! (barely) Long drive to Loomis to stay with friends. We had my wheat ring loaf with dinner and I made cookies for dessert : ) And the sunset was A-mazing!

That cloud totally looks like a dolphin. Awesome.

September 20

Then it was Move-In Day! We got in at 10AM, checked in, got keys, and gave them lots of money. Now the townhouse is ours! Yay!

The walk through thing was really long, I think it took almost 2 hours. Oi. Unpacking was crazy. I kinda freaked out, feeling like there was no way all my crap would fit in my bits of the house. It worked out well enough (though I did take over more than my third of the kitchen). Quick lunch and grocery shopping as a break before finishing up the unpacking. Back to Loomis for dinner and some goodbyes.

September 21, Day 2

Back to Davis for more groceries and an application of Trader Joe’s! We polished off the unpacking and organizing food things.

Bye Mom and Dad! Thanks for everything!

Whew, they are gone and I can breathe. It is different to be on my own. (My roommate has been in and out of the house, mostly staying with her parents and our housemate is nowhere to be found and not answering messages…) One of my old suitemates came over to watch The OC and make cookies. We had a great time catching up and hanging out. After she left I finally broke down and decided it was high time to break in the shower. But all we have in my cloth rainbow heart shower curtain and no hooks to hang it… So I got a bit ghetto-crafty on it and rigged this up to shower.

Yeah…I kinda rock ; )

It was an interesting shower, to say the least. Not really feeling like reading, I decided to work on my painting. I added some new bits. It is not finished and I still have to decide on a font for the UCD part.

I was about to give up an staying up with nothing else to do when I got the text. About a party down the street! Turns out my roomie’s bf was having a housewarming party with all his house people and all our friends that have move up so far. I hopped on my bike and rode like the wind! It was so great to see everyone again. There was much shrieking, hugging, kissing, and laughing. I won’t shock you with the details ; ) but it was an awesome party! Three friends came home with us cause they lived too far and drank a leetle too much. Many great adventures were had. Man, I love being back!

September 22, Day 1 On My Own

Everyone slept in late so I had a nice quiet morning reading and drinking tea. ‘Walk of shame’-d one friendly back to her car before lunch haha when everyone else woke up and headed out.

I had a long leisurely hot walk to Trader Joe’s to turn in my application. They guy seemed to like me and really liked my application. (I don’t think he was being sarcastic…)

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. Which I ate sitting on the counter. Awesome.

The roomie came back with her parents and she bought us a plastic shower curtain for the inside and beautiful red ‘jewel’ curtain hooks! I might post a pic later, they are so pretty : )

Our neighbor boys from last year (310) are having a get together tonight across town. It will be loads of fun to hang with them again. Time to get ready, ttyl


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