7 days.


There is exactly one week til I move back to my beloved Davis!! I cannot even express how absolutely delighted I am to be returning for SENIOR YEAR! So let me catch you up on the haps of summer…

Road trip to Oregon

Catering weddings with DJ’s

The lovely Hummingbird’s Nest Ranch. Great wedding, lasted til almost 2AM…

Beach days

TONS of baking! (see it all here, if the twin will update it…)

Many ‘tattoos’

This is only one of many….

Motorcycle permit so I can ride this beauty

Lots of reading

And I am sure that tons more exciting things also happened (learning bass, bday on Catalina), but then this post would be miles long. And most of you that read this are friends with me on FB, so you have probably been keeping abreast with all my pics and thoughts.

Right now I feel so ‘grown-up’ setting up accounts and getting things ready for moving into our leased townhouse. I also am buried in packing stuff! I cannot believe how much I have already packed and how much I have left to pack. It will be a miracle if we can fit all this, a bunk bed, a mattress, and bookcase into the truck : /

Here’s to my last week of SoCal summer! Got to make it count : )


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