SB 4-ever


Today started out boring as any other day. Half a sticky bun, an orange, and half a banana for breakfast before heading out on a walk with mom.

I texted a SB cousin about visiting and congrats on graduating. We decided it would be awesome to spend the day together window shopping on State Street. The walk was cut short and the excitement began! Quick stop by home to grab the little bro and we’re off! Quick stop at my work to pick up my apron and tie, the beach house to pay bills, and Goleta to pick up the cousin. Then State Street. We explored Anthropologie and a crazy store called Random til we were joined by our favorite aunt and it was time for lunch. Norton’s Pastrami and Deli was delicious! They have bowls of pickles on the tables, yum. Everyone got pastrami’s and I got a tasty turkey club.

Ran into a cousin of the cousin who was job hunting (good luck!), bought glycerine and double-sided biscuit cutters at Sur la Table, tasted olive oils and balsamic vinegars, and got truffles at See’s. Then back to the cousin’s for crafting and resting for the moms. Cousin and I drank a beer while deciding what to craft. Perfect idea! Let’s make tumblers out of our beer bottles! The moms get into the researching and we younger folks decide to walk to Michael’s to find a glass cutter and Vons to get stuff to make cookies.  Couldn’t find what we wanted at Michael’s and almost got magnets and glitter to make fridge magnets out of bottle caps but that was too expensive. Next stop Radio Shack, their phone selection sucks. Then O.S.H. and victory! Glass cutter for less than $5. Got oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix and looked for cool beer bottles at Vons. By the time we walked home it was too late to start cutting bottles but early enough to make cookies. We put them in the oven and while we waited the boys watched Fast and Loud and I drew pictures with crayons.

Nibbled cookies and ordered pizza for dinner while watching Top Gear. The pizza was tasty and the company good. We headed home when the cousin left to go drinking with his college friends. Good day all in all : )


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