I made scrambled eggs and toast with avocado and a cup of tea for breakfast. It felt like a lot and I could hardly finish it. I feel weird not riding my bike a few miles every day anymore. When my bikes are back it will be good again.

Speaking of bikes…that is what I did this morning. We (parents, bikes, and me) all piled into the truck and drove over to the cousin-in-law’s bike shop, Life Cycles. I can’t wait for them to be fixed! I will ride them everywhere!

I did a little on my room and wrote a post for the other blog while biding the time until my 1PM interview with DJ’s. I looked up directions, made myself pretty, and headed out. I couldn’t find the place! Frantic calls to the sister yielded a more specific address. To a completely different place. They moved years ago and the address I got was old. By this time it is past 1PM and I am freaking out a little. The new people there looked up the new address and I dashed home to get directions. While I was looking them up I called, explained the hold up, and ran out the door. I did make it there only a little more than half an hour late : / we talked and I got the job! I will start on Saturday. I will miss the bike ride : ( but I will have a job. (And I just found out I will be camping for a week and a half starting next Thursday.)

Then it was home and back to room cleaning. Mom and I went through the linen closet, got rid of lots of old things, and I got a tablecloth, biscuit cloth, and the twin sheet sets I’ll be taking north with me. I went to pick up the little bro and bring back the golden truck, but they weren’t quite done with it. While we were out I saw this gate to nowhere…weird.

Dropped him off at Youth Group and went home. I was going to make Chocolate Zucchini Bread with twin 2 but she couldn’t be bothered to come. Not even to play Jenga and eat sorbet. Lame sauce. So we had homemade meatballs and spaghetti with roasted zucchini.

I watched Sherlock after. A.Mazing show. Seriously cannot get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch. I am kind of dying to watch another episode but I have to get up tomorrow and possibly be awake if we go to Santa Barbara : ) Night all, may you rooms never be as messy as mine…


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