Job hunt


And the job hunt continued this morning. I had half a sticky bun while calling reference people and job leads, no luck. I wasted half the day doing an application for Santa Rosa Island (twice) before discovering that it cost $25 to apply. What?! Everyone thinks it is a scam. Doesn’t really matter though because I don’t have that kind of money. I took a break for lunch (avocado on fresh warm bread) before heading back to the grind.

I did another section of my room. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell, but work has been done. While I was working, I got a call from the unsuccessful job lead of the morning. He changed his mind after talking to an uncle of mine. Coincidence? Maybe…but I’m not complaining if I get a job out of it. Also I did unearth these old pics:

Man, high school does seem like a million years ago. Three of those people are married now, two with babies (almost), one in Africa, and a few graduated from college. Who would have thought then that we would be where we are now?

I also unpacked most of my clothes. Yay! But haven’t made even a dent on the pile of boxes in the living room : / This is going to take FOREVER. Maybe I should just leave it all packed for next year…haha, yea right…

I made rice and orange chicken with zucchini two ways for dinner. Yum. Then I helped mom start some Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet in our little ice cream churn-thing and went back to room cleaning. It turned out lovely. Even the little bro had some, usually he won’t touch anything with alcohol in it (good for him). It tasted like blackberry sangria.

A little more room work, a little clean up, a nice shower to wash off all the dust and cobwebs, and now time for sleeping. Tomorrow I get my bikes fixed!!


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